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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse

Welcome to an alternate reality where there is more than one webswinger in town. Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales’s story follows the Spider-Man mold of being bitten by a radioactive spider which results in him developing some unique superhero powers. However, the Kingpin’s plan recover some love ones results in the death of Spider-Man & inadvertently drawing Spider-Man counterparts from other realities into Miles’ world. Then, they must band together to battle the villains (Kingpin, Prowler, & Doc Ock), find their way back to their own worlds, & destroy the dimension disruptor. This is dazzling, eye popping, colorful animated tribute to graphic novels from which it spawns. Unless you are an avid comic fan, you probably aren’t familiar with the middle age Peter B. Parker, Peni Parker, Peter Porker, Spider-Gwen, & Spider-Man Noir. Look for a posthumous Stan Lee cameo. This entertaining & fun PG rated film has some surprising twists & turns. If stay through the credits, you’ll see a clip where Spider-Man 2099 meets the 60’s animated TV Spider-Man.

Alien gives it 4 “Super Collider” stars out of 4.

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