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Star Wars In Concert Review

Star Wars In Concert-Sacramento Review By: April Meneghetti Sandwichjohnfilms would like thank the guy over at DCpublicity and Star Wars In Concert for the great seats to the show on Oct 9,2009. Star Wars In Concert was an awesome show. There were some really great costumes in the crowd and I loved seeing all the kids pumped up to see the concert. I have to say that I was very surprised that Arco Arena was not more full. Sandwichjohnfilms was lucky enough to be able to attend the Friday and Saturday show and neither one was even close to filling the Arena. The show was a combination of the the music of Star Wars, John Williams composed the music for all six films, and clips from all six movies with Anthony Daniels (who portrayed C-3PO) narrating. The show started and ended with a montage of all of the films. The rest was presented in more or less a chronological order in pieces with titles such as The Rise of A Hero and A Fateful Love to name a few. It definitely met with t