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Kate Beckinsale Not Going To Be In Underworld 4?

Kate Beckinsale Not Going To Be In Underworld 4? Look at all these Rumors, Had to add this in. Song just popped in my head. Kate Beckinsdale on Friday denied widespread reports that she has signed on to a fourth Underworld film, which would begin a new trilogy in 3-D. Beckinsdale told a group of reporters that she had barely even considered reprising the role of vampire/death dealer Selene. "I haven't signed anything," Beckinsdale said in a press conference today in Beverly Hills, Calif., where she was promoting the thriller Whiteout . "It was always conceived as a trilogy, which I was never going to be in the third one. I think if they came up with an amazing script or whatever, then, sure, I wouldn't be averse to it, but it's not necessarily planned." The prospect of a new trilogy left her downright flummoxed. "God, three whole more?" she sighed. "I don't think my daughter needs to see my bottom in rubber for another 10 years.