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Movie Review: #TheGirlOnTheTrain

The Girl on The Train is a messy but expertly-acted thriller. Review by Matt Cummings In the world of feminist hype, men and women seem strictly divided on opposite sides of the street: men are perceived as evil, while women are silent victims doomed to never right their ship. Universal's The Girl on The Train never gets that smart, wasting a ton of good performances on gratuitous skin scenes that do nothing to further the unsatisfying and messy plot. For the ex-wife drunkard Rachel (Emily Blunt), life is now a lonely trip on the Amtrak between home and work, forced daily to ride by her former home while she watches the homewrecker Anna (Rebecca Ferguson) enjoy a life with Rachel's ex-husband (Justin Theroux). Each time the train slows to accommodate a faster-moving one, Rachel is given unwanted access that can only be minimized with large quantities of vodka. But when her former neighbor - the sexually-charged Megan (Haley Bennett) - disappears after Rachel wi