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Dark House Review: B-Slasher Flick Could Have Been Better

Dark House Review By: Matt Cummings The B-movie slasher Dark House isn't so bad - but it could have been better. For many years, the B-slasher genre has been plagued by poor acting and low-budget gore, failing to garner the attention of mass audiences. Dark House proves that the latter is no longer a hindrance, but also demonstrates that the genre is getting closer to respectability. Nick ( Luke Kleintank ) has a unique gift: he can see a person's death merely by touching them. He knows how his mother (who checked herself into a mental institution) will die, but has never met his father. When his mother suddenly dies - exactly the way he had foreseen - Nick learns that not only is his father alive but that he may hold the key to understanding Nick's origin. He sets out with his pregnant girlfriend Eve ( Alex McKenna ) and his best friend Ray ( Anthony Rey Perez ) to uncover the truth, only to find that a dilapidated mansion from his distant memory holds the key t