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American Pie 4 In The Works

American Pie 4 In The Works. Do You Really Care? Are you ready for another American Pie movie to hit a theater near you? Universal think it might be time to bring back Jim, Stifler and the rest of the "American Pie" cast. America was a huge hit when it first came out The original "American Pie" was released in 1999 and became a cultural and commercial phenomenon, grossing more than $200 million worldwide and spawning a booming market for R-rated summer comedies. "American Pie 2" and "American Wedding" followed at two-year intervals. Then they continued the tradition with straight to DVD movies, With a host of direct-to-DVD titles then followed "Wedding" under the banner of "American Pie Presents," including "Band Camp," "The Naked Mile," "Beta House" and, this past December, "The Book of Love." Which I have never watched. The guys behind "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" S