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Brewster's Millions Getting Remade, Another Great 80's Movie Getting a Face Lift

Brewster's Millions Getting Remade Another Great 80's Movie Getting a Face Lift Now do they really have to remake this movie? Especially since this movie was remade in 1985 Which Starring Richard Pryor and John Candy . It was a great movie from my childhood and I Still enjoy watching it to this day. I have never seen the Original movie from 1945 Starring Dennis O'Keefe . It just seems like a trend right now to remake Classic Movies. Most of them are nowhere near as good as the Original movie. Since they are going to remake the movie who should they pair up in the movie? I would like to see Danny McBride and Terry Crews maybe. I have been a Huge Fan Of Danny Mcbride since I saw The Foot Fist Way , And he is the Man in HBO's Eastbound and Down . If you have never seen or heard of the show On Demand this NOW! As for Terry Crews , Yes I watched White Chicks . I loved him in this movie. The best part was when he started to sing the Vanessa Carlton Song . He was also g