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UFC Heading To The Big Screen For UFC 111 St- Pierre vs. Hardy

UFC Heading To The Big Screen For UFC 111 St- Pierre vs. Hardy UFC has already been on a roll these past few year, and now they are shooting for the stars. What I mean by that is that they are headed to a movie theater near you soon. Fathom’s entertainment arm brings fans together in the comfort of their local movie theater to experience unique, affordable events, showcasing live or pre-recorded acts with special behind-the-scenes and/or other unique features. Past entertainment events have included The Metropolitan Opera LIVE out of New York City, one-night-only live concert and sporting events. And now the UFC. For tickets and what theaters will be hosting this event please visit And it is going to kick off with one hell of a card.UFC 111: St- Pierre vs. Hardy. The fight takes place on March 27 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern / 7:00 p.m. Pacific. St- Pierre vs. Hardy features reigning UFC welterweight champion Georges “Rush” St-Pierre vs. British bomber Dan “The Outlaw” Ha

Brock Lesnar Healed And Ready To Return To UFC

Brock Lesnar Healed And Ready To Return To UFC As recently as early January, Brock Lesnar was convinced he needed surgery to deal with a case of diverticulitis – a condition that essentially left a hole in his intestine and put his career as Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight title holder in jeopardy. He might be out a year. Or it might be two. Or it might be forever. Instead, a series of doctor’s visits and tests have revealed what both Lesnar and UFC president Dana White described as a “miracle.” The big guy is healed and ready to return to the Octagon this summer, probably against the winner of the fight between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin in March. “Let’s be clear, I’m still the heavyweight champion,” Lesnar growled, in trademark fashion, on ESPN on Wednesday morning. There couldn’t be better news for the UFC and fans of mixed martial arts. Lesnar isn’t just apparently well again (although really, who knows if there could be a setback or another episode), but his return to