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Trailer For Paper Man Starring Ryan Reynolds

Trailer For Paper Man Starring Ryan Reynolds The film was written and directed by Kieran and Michele Mulroney. This was their first big break, now with this film under their belt they have been tapped to draft the script for Sherlock Holmes 2. Paper Man is an inspirational comedic drama about an unlikely friendship between Richard (Jeff Daniels), a failed middle-aged novelist who has never quite grown up and Abby (Emma Stone), a 17-year-old girl whose role in a family tragedy years earlier has stolen away her youth. Both are unsure, both are afraid to take firm steps forward, and both rely on the imaginary friends in their heads to help guide them into the future - for Richard, it is the costumed superhero Captain Excellent (Ryan Reynolds), and for Abby, it's morose fellow teenager Christopher (Kieran Culkin). At the urging of his wife Claire (Lisa Kudrow), Richard has moved to a Long Island beach community for the winter season in order to overcome his writer's block. Th