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Soul Train Movie Is Rolling Down the Tracks

Soul Train Movie Is Rolling Down the Tracks Wow a Soul Train Movie. What in The Hell can this movie be about? I guess they could put the jabbawockeez in the Movie Or even better they could g et Ozone and Turbo from Breakin and then maybe I would go see it. Do you remember when they had artist on the show, the artist would lip sync their songs. Are they going to dub actor voices in the movie to keep it real? Hollywood really needs to try and come up with something original. Shit they could make a movie about my life. I would work for points on the back end. But money talks and if you can make it cheap and turn it into a profit then I guess they will go for it. And no Dancing movie will EVER be Better then Breakin '! Warner Bros. has hired Malcolm Spellman to write a feature based on the classic TV show "Soul Train." Darryl Porter and Aaron Geller of Porter/Geller Prods. will produce with Don Cornelius , the host and producer of the famed show, which ran from 1971-20