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Chris Hemsworth & Tiffany Haddish To Star In Down Under Cover

We've seen Chris Hemsworth show off his comedy chops in a variety of cinematic venues, and he's heading back into laugh-grabbing territory for a new film. Down Under Cover will see him sharing the screen with Tiffany Haddish , no slouch in the comic department herself. Peter Hoare's script is being described as in the spirit of 48 Hours and The Heat, and will see Hemsworth playing a detective who has to go undercover in a series of clever casino heists. The twist here is that the prime suspects are a troupe of Australian strippers, so he'll probably fit in well there. For the case, he's forced to take on a partner no one else will: Haddish's lone wolf who has her own set of rules. Cue the mismatched buddy comedy! Hemsworth is on our screens now as Thor in Avengers: Endgame, and has Men In Black: International launching on 14 June. Haddish will be heard in The Secret Life Of Pets 2 (24 May) and appears in The Kitchen, out on 20 September. Discuss this w