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LAMB Review 'Weirdly Special Movie'

Joseph Kosinski's "Oblivion" Has Found It's Scribe

Joseph Kosinski's "Oblivion" Has Found It's Scribe William Monahan , the Oscar-winning writer of “ The Departed ,” has been hired to write Disney’s Joseph Kosinski sci-fi project “ Oblivion .” The move solidifies the high-priority status of the project at Disney while continuing to show the studio is willing to work with big-name talent to develop its projects. The story is set on a future Earth, where civilization lives above the clouds and alien scavengers stalk the irradiated surface below. When a surface drone repairman is thrust into an adventure after he finds a woman inside a crashed spacepod planetside. Kosinski partnered with Radical Studios for “Oblivion,” first hatching it as an illustrated novel before setting it up at the studio. Disney had in the past developed a reputation for being a bit tight with the purse-strings when hiring writers and directors to develop talent. The first sign things were changing under the Rich Ross-Sean Bailey regime