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Jean Reno Has 22 Bullets

Jean Reno Has 22 Bullets Relegated to a very mixed bag of supporting roles in recent years ( Couples Retreat or Pink Panther 2 , anyone?), Jean Reno is back in a lead role in crime thriller 22 Bullets . To celebrate he's put on his best tough-guy face and armed himself to the teeth for the film's new quad poster. As the title and bullet-peppered promo indicate, 22 Bullets sees Reno on the receiving end of a serious number of shells as Marseille gangster Charly Matteï . Long retired to spend time with his family and, we hope, water his pot plant, Matteï is tracked down by rivals to a carpark in the old port and left him for dead, riddled with 22 bullets. Big mistake. The film is, after all, subtitled 'Revenge of the Professional' , a nod to León, a man with something of a track record in making people dead and is loosely based on the life of a man known to his friends as 'Mad Jacky' . And if that doesn't make a sensible gangster think twice, nothing wi