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Soundtrack Review: 'Arrow Season 4'

Like the series, Arrow: Season 4 Original Television Soundtrack offers a mixed quiver. Review by Matt Cummings If any of you found Arrow: Season 4 to be...well...a little boring, you're not alone. I've always appreciated the gritty street drama of Star City, and Actor Steven Amell is fantastic as the titular hero. But the series under Producer Greg Berlanti has declined since the amazing Season 2 (remember Slade?!), with too many love stories and far too many episodes. The biggest complaint I had with Season 4 was that Arrow was now fighting fantastic (and unbeatable) villains, something better suited for (better) shows like The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow . Moreover, a paternity story slowed down any inertia which the show was building, leading to a wild League-esque battle royale that set up Legends . Composer Blake Neely's Arrow: Season 4 Original Television Soundtrack suffers from the same lack of direction, serving as more of a setup album than esta