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Blues Brothers Headed To The Small Screen

Variety reports that Aykroyd , along with John Belushi ’s ex-wife Judy, have owned the TV rights to the characters of Jake and Elwood Blues for years, and that they’re now shopping the prospect of a Blues Brothers series around the US networks. The package so far includes a pilot script written by Aykroyd, former Saturday Night Live scribe Anne Beatts, Wayne Catania and Kieron Lafferty. The plot will see the musically inclined pair freshly out of jail, with Elwood on the hunt for his real father. While the intention is to find new actors to play the brothers, Aykroyd will be involved as the voice of their parole officer. After debuting on SNL in 1978, the Blues Brothers sketches became one of the earliest breakouts from the show. Elwood (Aykroyd) and Jake (John Belushi) formed a touring band and starred in 1980’s classic John Landis comedy built around them. Despite the fact that Belushi died in 1982, Aykroyd has never quite let the idea of the duo die with him. On the positive si

John Belushi To Get A Second Life

John Belushi To Get A Second Life John Belushi may be getting a (second) second life on the big screen. "The Pursuit of Happyness" screenwriter Steven Conrad and "The Hangover" director-producer Todd Phillips are developing a biographical film about the late comedian's life. Warner Bros. recently acquired the rights from Belushi's estate. Conrad will script the project and Phillips will produce, though he has not yet committed to directing it. Alexandra Milchan and Bonnie Timmerman are also producing. In a typically difficult process that saw the rights deal come together, then fall apart, then come back together again, the project would be the latest attempt at a full-scale biopic about the " Saturday Night Live " cast member and film star who died of a drug overdose in 1982 at age 33. Belushi's life was famously detailed in Bob Woodward's 1985 biography, " Wired: The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi. " That