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Zachary Quinto To Star In The Romantic Comedy “Whirligig.”

Zachary Quinto To Star In The Romantic Comedy “Whirligig.” Sylo to play a MILF Hunter, in the upcoming film. The “Whirligig” project which centers on a man who, in a misguided attempt to woo an older woman, befriends the woman’s adopted son. Quinto would play the lead role in the Canadian indie, which is aiming to shoot early next year. The actor has been very selective about his next role, and with no deal in place and a number of contingencies that need to be met, it remains possible he’ll opt for another project as his first post-”Trek” feature. Chaz Thorne is directing the pic, based on a screenplay by Michael Amo, creator of the Canadian supernatural series “The Listener,” which aired on NBC in the summer. Thorne, Amo and David MacLeod are producing. Please Leave A Comment- Source- THR