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Soundtrack Review: xXx Return of Xander Cage

xXx: Return of Xander Cage - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack delivers a bold sound for a great action flick. Review by Matt Cummings If you missed the surprisingly entertaining xXx: Return of Xander Cage , you weren't alone. As of this post it's only made $37m from an $85m budget, which doesn't bode well for a four-quel. But it's a great ride, filled with incredible stunts and some memorable one-liners, even if it feels like Actor Vin Diesel is putting together another Fast & Furious family of xXx-ers. Composer Bryan Tyler and Robert Lydecker's score for the film is also another bright spot, filled with plenty of muscular tracks which makes the movie a Must-See instead of a Forget-Me-Not. Although Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) has been out of the NSA for 12 years, his former boss Augustus Gibbons boss (Samuel L. Jackson) has been busy recruiting for the xXx program anyways. But that doesn't mean the bruising baldy doesn't still enjoy the

Soundtrack Review: #Criminal

Criminal - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack sports dark ambience and powerful electronic beats. Review by Matt Cummings Say what you want about the Kevin Costner action/thriller Criminal ( we sure did HERE ), but its excellent score surely wasn't a reason for its disappearance at the box office. Filled with incredible dark electronic beats and beautiful tender moments, Criminal - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack compels us to take in every bit of Composers Brian Tyler and Keith Power's environment. The violent world of spy craft has taken another soldier, this time in murdered CIA operative Bill Pope (Ryan Reynolds). But his sacrifice yields an interesting by-product: he was on his way to pick up the launch codes for the entire American defense network, which was stolen by a shadowy character named The Dutchman (Michael Pitt). The bag's disappearance and location of The Dutchman have also spurred interest by other parties, including the psychotic anarchis