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Angelina Jolie To Play Cleopatra?

Angelina Jolie To Play Cleopatra? USA Today is reporting that , Producer Scott Rudin (No Country For Old Men) has bought the rights to the upcoming biography CLEOPATRA: A LIFE by author Stacy Schiff and the person they’re considering to play the last Egyptian Pharaoahs is none other than Angelina Jolie . Synopsis of the book: “Her palace shimmered with gold but was richer still in political and sexual intrigue. Cleopatra, the wealthiest ruler of her time and one of the most powerful women in history, was a canny political strategist, a brilliant manager, a tough negotiator, and the most manipulative of lovers. Although her life spanned fewer than forty years, it reshaped the contours of the ancient world. At only 18 years old, Cleopatra was already one of history’s most remarkable figures: the Queen of Egypt. A lethal political struggle with her brother marked her early adulthood and set the tone for the rest of her life; a relationship with Julius Caesar, forged while under s

Lea Michele To Lend Voice For Animated Wizard Of Oz Film

Lea Michele To Lend Voice For Animated Wizard Of Oz Film Summertime Entertainment's animated 3D musical " Dorothy of Oz " has snagged Lea Michele of "Glee" to voice the lead part and provide vocals on several original musical numbers. " Dorothy " marks Michele's first work in features following Broadway roles in "Spring Awakening" and "Les Misérables" and the breakout success of "Glee." Story, penned by Randi Barnes, Adam Balsam and Barry Glasser, is an update on " The Wizard of Oz " and centers on Dorothy Gale returning to a tornado-devastated Kansas and then being transported back to Oz to help her friends. Jim Belushi as the Lion Dan Aykroyd as the Scarecrow Kelsey Grammer as the Tin Man Oliver Platt as Wiser the Owl Megan Hilty as the China Princess Hugh Dancy as as Marshall Mallow Martin Short as the Jester -- Dorothy's arch-nemesis. Bryan Adams is writing the first songs and lyr

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Split Into Two Films

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Split Into Two Films Who didn't see this one coming? Today we get some more information on the upcoming film that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn would be split into two films and we have a press release to go along with this news. Here's the press release: SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT ANNOUNCES THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN TO BE RELEASED AS TWO SEPARATE FILMS First Film to Arrive in Theatres November 18, 2011 Los Angeles, CA, June 10, 2010 – Summit Entertainment confirmed today that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN will be released as two separate films with the first of the two slated to be released in theatres on November 18, 2011. Academy Award® winner Bill Condon will direct both films starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner along with Billy Burke as Charlie Swan as well as returning members of the Cullen Family including Peter Facinelli as Carlisle, Elizabeth Reaser as Esme, Jackson Rathbone as Jasper, Nik

Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants The Role Of Wonder Woman

Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants The Role Of Wonder Woman Jennifer Love Hewitt really,really wants to play the role of Wonder Woman , whenever Warner Bros. gets off their ass and makes the film. Not only does she want the part, but she's "fighting so hard" to get it, according to a statement quoted by WENN. "I really want to play Wonder Woman," she continued. "I'm obsessed with Wonder Woman." This isn't the first time that Hewitt express interest in the role. Last summer she told MTV News that she wanted the role "really badly" and pointed out that she's curvaceous and athletic enough and that the gold bracelets would look great on her wrists. We recently heard that Warner Bros. still promises to make Wonder Woman, claiming it's still in active development, though the studio couldn't give any sort of timeline. Please Leave A Comment- Source- cinematical

Jennifer Garner Has Her Eye Out For "Arthur Remake"

Jennifer Garner Has Her Eye Out For "Arthur Remake" Jennifer Garner and Nick Nolte are in talks to join the cast of " Arthur ," Warner Bros.' remake of the 1981 comedy. Russell Brand and Helen Mirren are starring in the pic, which Jason Winer is directing. Closely hewing to the original, the new "Arthur" follows a very rich, happy drunk who is told by his mother that he must marry the wealthy girl of her choosing or else lose his inheritance, just as he meets a poor girl (Greta Gerwig) and falls in love. Garner is playing an heiress who carries her own secrets and whom Brand must marry. Nolte is her deeply religious father. Please Leave A Comment- Source- THR

New Images And Video For Disneylands Star Tours

New Images And Video For Disneylands Star Tours I am sad and glad in the same sentence that they will be updating the Star Tours ride in Disneyland. It is need of an update for sure.It will be replace with a newer and better 3D Star Wars adventure. The new Disney ride will take travelers to several other destinations in the Star Wars galaxy, places like Coruscant, which we have a picture of for you below. In the image we see the classic Star Tours space bus flying through the skies of the city. Please Leave A Comment-

Disney "Tangled" Trailer

Disney "Tangled" Trailer Disney has released the first full teaser trailer for their new CGI animated film Tangled, and it looks like they have another hit on their hands. Watch the Trailer after the Jump Tangled was directed by Byron Howard & Nathan Greno who both worked on the film Bolt. This is a re-imagining of the classic fairy tale Rapunzel , which was actually the original title of the film. The film includes the voice talents of Mandy Moore who plays the herione in the story, and Zachary Levi from Chuck plays the dashing Flynn Ryder in the story. Synopsis: When the kingdom's most wanted -- and most charming -- bandit Flynn Rider hides out in a mysterious tower, he's taken hostage by Rapunzel, a beautiful and feisty tower-bound teen with 70 feet of magical, golden hair. Flynn's curious captor, who's looking for her ticket out of the tower where she's been locked away for years, strikes a deal with the handsome thief and the unlikely

DR. Who And McLovin Join The Cast Of "Fright Night"

DR. Who And McLovin Join The Cast Of "Fright Night" David Tennant , best known for starring in the BBC series “ Doctor Who ,” and Christopher Mintz-Plasse are joining the cast of “ Fright Night ,” DreamWorks’ remake of the cult 1985 film. Tennant and Mintz-Plasse join Anton Yelchin as Charlie, a teen convinced that his new neighbor (Colin Farrell) is a vampire. Toni Collette is the teen’s disbelieving mom, who falls under the vampire’s spell. Tennant will play Peter Vincent , a character who in the original movie was played by Roddy McDowall as the host of a late-night horror show. In the remake, he’s a Las Vegas magician whose show revolves around horror-movie imagery. Vincent claims to be a vampire expert, but when the teen turns to him for assistance, he’s less than helpful. Mintz-Plasse is playing Evil Ed, Yelchin’s friend who feels slighted that Charlie has left his nerdy past behind and thus joins the vampire’s coven. The movie marks the first real foray into

F. Gary Gray To Direct "Kane and Lynch?"

F. Gary Gray To Direct "Kane and Lynch?" F. Gary Gray has emerged as the top director to take the reins of “ Kane and Lynch ,” the Nu Image/Millenium video game adaptation that stars Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx . It seems that Gray and Millennium are in talks for him to helm the film. If Gary does take the gig it will be the second time he has worked with Foxx. They worked together on the thriller “Law Abiding Citizen,” grossed over $73 million last fall. Stunt coordinator and second unit director Simon Crane was helming the project but vacated the director's seat in May due to creative differences. The game follows Kane (Willis), a death row inmate who, along with a schizophrenic killer named Lynch (Foxx), is sprung by Kane's former team so that he can retrieve a stolen fortune. Kane travels to Los Angeles, Japan and Cuba, with Lynch acting as the team's watchdog in order to save his wife and daughter. Please Leave A Comment- Source- THR

Transformers 3 Plot Line And Of Course In 3D

Transformers 3 Plot Line And Of Course In 3D With shooting underway on a third movie and plans to debut next summer, Michael Bay and Co. acknowledge missteps with the last one and aim to upgrade the shape-shifting robot franchise with a more coherent story, less goofball humor and a pledge that characters who die will stay dead. It will also be in 3-D. "I'll take some of the criticism," says Bay, standing at a set built to resemble a dilapidated nuclear reactor. "It was very hard to put (the sequel) together that quickly after the writers' strike (of 2007-08)." Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura says the rush strained the plot: "We tried to do too many things in the second movie, which didn't give enough time in any one of them. We were constantly jumping to the next piece of information, the next place." Bay is not one for mea culpas, but he says he can do better. "This one really builds to a final crescendo. It's not three multip

Ralph Macchio Stars In Wax On, F*ck Off

Ralph Macchio Stars In Wax On, F*ck Off Have you ever wondered what happened to Ralph Macchio? Wasn't he on his way to being a Super Star? A Hollywood A Lister? All the stars were lighted up in place for him to be great.  But one thing was holding him back. He was to Damn nice. Watch The Trailer after the Jump The video is brought to us from the guys over at Funny or Die and this short to to funny. Macchio is a great guy for basically making fun of himself and loving it. Enjoy the movie: Wax On, F*ck Off with Ralph Macchio from Ralph Macchio Please Leave A Comment-

Behind The Scenes Of "THOR"

Behind The Scenes Of "THOR" Entertainment Tonight released a behind the scene interview and footage form the upcoming Marvel film " THOR " The footage is mostly Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman talking about the movie. As you can tell they have great chemistry amongst each other. There is very little actual footage from the movie. But a little is better then none. Plot Synopsis: Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment present the epic adventure, “Thor,” which spans the Marvel Universe from present day Earth to the realm of Asgard. At the center of the story is the mighty Thor (Chris Hemsworth), a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war. Thor is cast down to Earth by his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and is forced to live among humans. A beautiful, young scientist, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), has a profound effect on Thor, as she ultimately becomes his first love. It’s while here on Earth that Thor learns wha

New The Scorcerer's Apprentice Trailer

New The Scorcerer's Apprentice Trailer Disney has released a new movie trailer for their upcoming action adventure film, The Scorcerer's Apprentice . The new trailer isn't much different from anything we've already seen but it offers some more footage of the Sorceress being played by Monica Bellucci. The film also stars Jay Baruchel, Alfred Molina, Teresa Palmer and Toby Kebbell. Synopsis: Balthazar Blake (NICOLAS CAGE) is a master sorcerer in modern-day Manhattan trying to defend the city from his arch-nemesis, Maxim Horvath (ALFRED MOLINA). Balthazar can’t do it alone, so he recruits Dave Stutler (JAY BARUCHEL), a seemingly average guy who demonstrates hidden potential, as his reluctant protégé. The sorcerer gives his unwilling accomplice a crash course in the art and science of magic, and together, these unlikely partners work to stop the forces of darkness. It’ll take all the courage Dave can muster to survive his training, save the city and get the girl as

James Cameron Main Man To Direct 'Final Destination 5'

James Cameron Main Man To Direct 'Final Destination 5' Steven Quale , the second unit director for "Avatar," has been tapped to helm " Final Destination 5 ," the latest installment in New Line's horror franchise. The "Destination" movies, which center on the idea that one can't cheat death, usually begin with a group of people who survive a catastrophe because of the intervention of one person who has a premonition. Death, however, will have its due, and the survivors end up expiring in elaborate Rube Goldberg-like fashion. Eric Heisserer ("The Thing") wrote the script, and Craig Perry is producing the pic, which has a September 13 start date in Vancouver. While most movie series by the fifth installment are getting long in the tooth, "Destination" seems to have found new vigor following the unexpected success of the fourth installment, which overcame bad reviews and grossed more than $182 million worldwide on a b

Les Grossman Film Is Confirmed

 Les Grossman Film Is Confirmed Paramount and MTV Films announced Today that Les Grossman, the foul-mouthed movie producer played by Tom Cruise in "Tropic Thunder," is getting his own movie. Cruise will produce the "Tropic Thunder" spin-off with Red Hour Films' Ben Stiller and Stuart Cornfeld. Michael Bacall ("Scott Pilgrim vs. the World") will write the screenplay. “Les Grossman's life story is an inspiring tale of the classic human struggle to achieve greatness against all odds," said Stiller in the announcement. "He has assured me he plans to quote, ‘F**king kill the sh*t out of this movie and make Citizen f**king Kane look like a piece of crap home movie by the time we are done.’ I am honored to be working with him.” When asked what the screenplay was about, "Grossman" responded: “To quote my great friend Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey Jr.), ‘I don’t read the script, the script reads me.’” "Everything I learned i

Comic-Con Exclusive News

Comic-Con Exclusive News It's never to early to start talking about Comic-Con Exclusive items and we have got word from  Diamond Comic Distributors , and they have  announced nine of these exclusive items. There are four images above that you can check out, which are all "variant" covers for comics and limited to 2,000-3,000 copies. Here's the rundown from the Diamond news release about Comic-Con exclusives. PREVIEWS Announces 2010 Exclusives for Comic-Con International: San Diego TRUE BLOOD #1 RETAILER EXCLUSIVE 2010 SDCC EDITION Exclusive SDCC variant cover! Bon Temps, Louisiana has never been stranger, or more twisted, in a story co-plotted by True Blood series creator Alan Ball, with a script by David Tischman (Bite Club) and Mariah Huehner, and lush art by David Messina (Star Trek: Countdown). Bonus inside every issue: an exclusive pullout gatefold poster by David Messina! LIMITED TO 2,000 COPIES. Comic SRP: $3.99 WALKING DEAD #75 RETAILER EXCLUSIV

Jessica Simpson To Star An Metroid Film?

Jessica Simpson To Star An Metroid Film? Remember this is just a rumor and nothing has been confirmed yet. But the word around Hollywood is that Jessica Simpson is slated to play Samus Aran in the upcoming Metroid movie that is supposedly directed by Uwe Boll ? Look, as cool as it would be to have a new Metroid movie, this is doubtful for so many reasons. Simpson isn't exactly a great actress and Uwe Boll is a complete idiot when it comes to realizing video games on the silver screen (or DVD in most cases). On top that, wouldn't Nintendo actually tap some people with talent to make a film based on a major franchise? But this is what we are hearing: "Actress Jessica Simpson is rumored to have secured the role of Space Bounty Hunter Samus Aran in a Hollywood version of a Nintendo game. In the game, Metroid, the hero controls Samus on her goal to rid the world of energy sucking beasts called Metroids. Think of it as a cross between Aliens and Dracula. Simpson is

Michael Fassbender As Magneto Or Villain In Spiderman Reboot?

Michael Fassbender As Magneto Or Villain In Spiderman Reboot? Michael Fassbender had a hot year last year, in Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds,” and this years "Jonah Hex". Now Fassbender is in–as his “Basterds” David Nivenish character might say, a bit of a pickle. He’s being pursued, I hear, for two different Marvel comics movies. Matthew Vaughn is said to want him for “ X Men: First Class .” Fassbender would play young Magneto , the precursor for Ian McKellen’s later character. James McAvoy is already signed to play Young Xavier. At the same time, Fassbender is being pursued to play the villain in “ Spider Man 4 ,” aka “No Toby Maguire Here.” Two different movies from Marvel, but two different studios: Fox for the first, and Columbia for the second. He can’t do both. Either way, Fassbender can’t lose. He’s got four films coming out in 2010 alone including “Jonah Hex.” By the time he’s a supercomic villain, he’ll be a bona fide movie star. Plea

The Karate Kid Action Trailer

The Karate Kid Action Trailer Here's another trailer for the upcoming remake of The Karate Kid. This trailer definitely shows more action then the last few we have seen and the last scene I can feel his pain. Ouch.. The Karate Kid remake was directed by Harald Zwart and stars Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan, and Taraji P. Henson. The flick opens up in theaters this weekend on June 11th 2010. Check out the new trailer and share your thoughts with us in the rant back section below! The Karate Kid Action Trailer in HD | Please Leave A Comment-

John Stamos To Join The Cast Of "Glee"

John Stamos To Join The Cast Of "Glee" Let me start of with this, Here is you Spoiler Alert John Stamos is in negotiations to join red-hot Fox musical dramedy Glee in a heavily recurring role next season. He will play a new love interest for lovable OCD guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury ( Jayma Mays ). In tonight's freshman season finale of Glee, Emma will tell on-and-off flame Will Schuester ( Matthew Morrison ) that she is dating a dentist. That is the character that Stamos will play next season. Please Leave A Comment- Source- Deadline

Mortal Kombat "Rebirth" Trailer

Mortal Kombat "Rebirth" Trailer Speculation has run rampant today with the debut of a short " Mortal Kombat " film (subtitled " Rebirth ") that made its way anonymously to YouTube. Now, Latino Review reports that the film is, as many theorized, a test for a potential R-rated film reboot of the video game franchise. If this film doesn't get made after this trailer then someone in Hollywood needs to go down! The short is directed by Kevin Tancharoen , the director of last year's Fame, and features a cast that includes name actors like Michael Jai White (Jax), Jeri Ryan (Sonya Blade), Matt Mullins (Johnny Cage), Lateef Crowder (Baraka) and Ian Anthony Dale (Scorpion) with fight choreography by Larnell Stovall. Though there is no guarantee that these actors will play the characters in a feature film version or even that a feature film will actually happen, the short is already a huge success online. Please Leave A Comment- Source- Latino

Les Grossman Film In The Works

Les Grossman Film In The Works Tom Cruise 's fat-suited appearance as Hollywood playa Les Grossman was admittedly one of the funniest and most surprising aspects of Tropic Thunder , but are you ready for the full ninety minutes? Cruise, following his appearance in character as Grossman at this year's MTV awards. told E Online backstage that a Les Grossman movie is definitely in the works. "We're working on it," he apparently "beamed". "Yup, we're definitely working on it." So perhaps this explains Grossman's rather belated reappearance: Tropic Thunder was two years ago now, after all. Grossman danced live with Jennifer Lopez, and pre-filmed skits saw him bawling out Robert Pattinson and helping create the iconic Cruise-dancing-in-his-pants moment from Risky Business. Please Leave A Comment- Source- E!

Indiana Jones To Go Old School For Indy 5

Indiana Jones To Go Old School For Indy 5 Harrison Ford's final outing as Indiana Jones will be "emotional and exciting" as the franchise heads back to its roots after a badly received fourth instalment. Ford is well-known for his portrayal of the archaeologist and adventurer, and has agreed to reprise the role one last time. Indiana Jones 5 will begin shooting next year, and much of the plot line will be centred around the Bermuda Triangle, an area over the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft are said to have disappeared. "George (Lucas) and Steven (Spielberg) have been working on a script and it's almost there," a source explained. "Harrison is on stand-by for filming next year. This looks like being an emotional and exciting conclusion to the franchise, with Indy facing his biggest challenge yet." The last film in the franchise, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was released in 2008 and performed well a

Triple H To Star In "The Chaperone"

Triple H To Star In "The Chaperone" And today WWE announced that Triple H (Hunter Hearst Helmsley) will be the lead in the upcoming WWE film The Chaperone . The project will be directed by Stephen Herek who helmed some the 80s movies that grew up with (Bill & Ted’s Excellent adventure, Critters, Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead). Co-starring Kevin Corrigan (American Gangster), Ariel Winter (Modern Family) and Annabeth Gish (X-Files). Here is the press release and synopsis of the film: WWE® SUPERSTAR TRIPLE H® CHAPERONES WWE STUDIOS’ LATEST COMEDY – “The Chaperone” Also Stars Kevin Corrigan, Ariel Winter, and Annabeth Gish – STAMFORD, Conn., June 7, 2010– WWE Studios announced today that actors Kevin Corrigan (“American Gangster”), Ariel Winter (“Modern Family”) and Annabeth Gish (“The West Wing”) have joined WWE® Superstar Paul “Triple H” Levesque (“Blade: Trinity”) in the cast of the studios’ upcoming comedy, “The Chaperone.” The film will begin princ

Comic-Con 2010 Panels Are Here

Comic-Con 2010 Panels Are Here Only a month away til the party of all parties Comic-Con 2010 and Team Sandwich couldn't be more excited for  a week full of waiting in lines to watch panels, interview cast and crews and the best part waiting in line to purchase your Comic-Con Exclusive items.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  And if  it does make sure you come by and say " Konichiwa " to the Sandwich crew, we will be there all week. Now enough about us here is the news you all want to know. We got news on a few of the panels that may or may not be happening at this years Comic-Con. It was announced by IGN that Frank Darabont's Walking Dead TV Series will have a panel on Friday, July 23rd 11:30am-12:30pm. Seat42f is reporting that Mythbusters Panel will take place on Saturday, July 24th in Room 6BCF, and it will be the first time all five Mythbusters will be at Comic-Con. HBO has not yet confirmed a True Blood panel , but the fine folks at True-Blood.Net

"Most Wanted" Sandra Bullock And Ryan Reynolds

"Most Wanted" Sandra Bullock And Ryan Reynolds The creative team behind "The Proposal" -- stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds , director Anne Fletcher, writer Pete Chiarelli and producers David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman -- are reuniting for " Most Wanted ," an action comedy project that sold to Universal over the weekend. The story sees Bullock as a criminal suspect with Reynolds as an FBI agent who is supposed to be escorting her to court when the two are ambushed and forced to go on the run. The project is described as having a tone similar to that of "Midnight Run," Universal's 1988 action comedy starring Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin. Universal is developing a sequel to "Midnight Run." The pitch originally went into Disney, the company that made "Proposal," the hit romantic comedy made via its Touchstone label that grossed more than $317 million and was part of Bullock's comeback year. Since the mov

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Trailer

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer New movie trailer for Warner Bros. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premiered tonight during the MTV Movie Awards! If you missed the trailer you know Sandwich keep it real and watches you back.  So here you go and enjoy. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is an upcoming two-part fantasy-adventure film directed by David Yates and based on the novel of the same name by J. K. Rowling. It serves as the seventh and eighth instalments in the popular Harry Potter franchise, as well as the third film to be directed by Yates, who helmed the previous two instalments. Part I will be released on 19 November 2010  and Part II on 15 July 2011. Both parts will be released by Warner Bros. Pictures in 2D and 3D formats on their individual release dates. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be the first entry from the series to be entirely in 3D. It will also be released in IMAX 3D. Please Leave A Comment-

The Goonies Turns 25 Today- A look Back

The Goonies Turns 25 Today- A look Back Goonies turns 25 today so I thought I would share with you all why this movie holds a place in my heart..  I have yet to meet someone that doesn't like Steven Spielberg and Richard Donner's The Goonies. This movie was released on June 7th 1985.  It's amazing that after 25 year of watching The Goonies over and over again I still enjoy it every single time! I still get that same feeling of when I was a kid, it totally takes me back to the good ol' days. I've been able to share this movie with my kids, and they love it just as much as I do! Here are a few reason why we all love Goonies so much: Sean Astin as Mikey The 1980s were the zenith, or perhaps the nadir, of "sassy" kids in movies and on TV. Hands on hips, dripping with designer whatnot and Day-Glo fashions, with soundbite-friendly comebacks and bad attitudes. Astin's performance is surprisingly thoughtful and deep—given the wackiness of the plot, Ast

Fan-Made Trailer For Superman/Batman Film

Fan-Made Trailer For Superman/Batman Film Just amazing what fans can put together when they have time and talent. This team has  put together an amazing trailer for a dream project, what would it look like if Batman and Superman teamed up for one Ultimate DC movie? Maybe this trailer can give you an idea. They used footage from The Dark Knight, Iron Man 2, Terminator Salvation and CW’s Smallville. Please Leave A Comment-

Seth Green Talks Star Wars Comedy Series

Seth Green Talks Star Wars Comedy Series MTV got a hold of Seth Green last night on the Red Carpet last night and we found out a few details about the upcoming "Star Wars" comedy series. We brought you news back in April about the upcoming series. But now we have a few more details from the horse mouth. "It's just so early. When there's good stuff to tell, I'll tell you," he said. "I don't want to say anything. People are really dramatically misinterpreting it." It's encouraging to hear, but Green wouldn't say much more. Josh asked him to set fans on the right path, but the "Robot Chicken" architect replied, "It's too early to set you straight, that's the worst part about it." "It's gonna be CG animation, it's gonna be really funny and it's gonna be 'Star Wars' in a way you've never seen it," he said. "There are some recognizable characters but it's a huge

Scott Pilgrim VS. The World Clip: Come Meet Evil Ex

Scott Pilgrim VS. The World Clip: Come Meet Evil Ex MTV has the 1st clip from the upcoming adaptation Scott Pilgrim VS. The World , it starts out with a quick intro from the awesome director Edgar Wright and then you see Cera (Scott) gettin’ beat up by movie star Lucas Lee (Evans) who is one of Ramona’s (Elizabeth-Winstead) one of evil exes. To see the full trailer click HERE . Meet charming and jobless Scott Pilgrim ( Michael Cera ). A bass guitarist for garage band Sex Bob-omb, the 22-year-old has just met the girl of his dreams…literally. The only catch to winning Ramona Flowers ( Mary Elizabeth Winstead )? Her seven evil exes are coming to kill him. Genre-smashing filmmaker Edgar Wright (”Hot Fuzz,” “Shaun of the Dead”) tells the amazing story of one romantic slacker’s quest to power up with love in “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” Scott Pilgrim has never had a problem getting a girlfriend. It’s getting rid of them that proves difficult. From the girl who kicked his hear

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Sneak Peek

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Sneak Peak Last nights MTV Movie Awards should have changed there name to The Twilight Award show, with Twilight cleaning  up lat night at the award show.  We did get our  first look at a new trailer for the upcoming film. The film defiantly seem like there is going to be more action in this film, and I may have to drag myself out to the theaters to watch this movie. Enjoy the sneak peek. Please Leave A Comment-

The Last Airbender Clip From MTV Awards

The Last Airbender Clip From MTV Awards The MTV Movie Awards aired last night on TV and with that show it is all about promotion and more promotion. The great thing about the award show is we get to see lots of new clips from upcoming films that will be out this summer. So here is a new clip from The Last Airbender. Enjoy the clip if you missed it last night. Please Leave A Comment-

Nike And The Lakers Commercial

Nike And The Lakers Team Up With A Beatles Remake Featuring A new Nike Ad has appeared in support of the Lakers and it features no other song than the classic Beatles song, “ All Together Now .” The only thing is, it isn’t actually the Beatles song but a cover of the song performed by Andre 3000. Although we assume he only had good intentions for the ad (aside from making some extra cash), we’re not too happy with his rendition. The song, “ All Together Now ,” written by mastermind songwriting duo Paul McCartney and John Lennon during the Magical Mystery Tour period but unreleased until the Yellow Submarine soundtrack, carried a light-hearted child-like vibe to it maintaining its focus on unity and peace. Andre 3000’s cover, however, is currently being used to highlight the accomplishments of Los Angeles’ Lakers. Don’t get us wrong, we’re fans of the rapper/singer’s work in both his solo work (Hello, “Heya!”) and with his group, Outkast, but the cover loses its credibility when th