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Spielberg and Trevorrow Looking Ahead To Next Project

Collaboration Continues With “Intelligent Life” Story by David Clark Steven Spielberg and Colin Trevorrow , the brains behind Jurassic World, are teaming up again on a new project titled Intelligent Life. At this time details are still limited but it would appear that Spielberg and Trevorrow have developed a solid working relationship and want to carry that into a new intellectual property. What is known about the movie thus far falls within the science-fiction genre and is loosely based upon an incomplete Trevorrow project titled The Ambassador. How true the new movie will be to this earlier project is still unclear. The Ambassador was never made but the plot involved an alien first-contact specialist who falls in love with a unique woman who is not of this world. Originally planned as a sequel to his successful indie movie Safety Not Guaranteed , Intelligent Life will likely be quite a departure from Jurassic World for Spielberg and Trevorrow. Other indivi