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San Diego Comic Con schedule for Friday

They have updated us with the Friday Comic Con panel listing . And as most of you know that day is Star Wars Day !! It's a very big day for Star Wars, but also the Con. They are having some HUGE panels that day. Make sure u fill up your backpack with plenty of food since you will not be leaving your panel area all day. SO here are some of the highlights for that day. Again check back once they have announced the entire panel listing for. The most Ballsy Panel List that I will be putting to get here. If you would like to see the entire schedule please visit Friday 10:00-11:00 Star Wars Day: Hasbro— Derryl DePriest (Hasbro Global Marketing), Brian Parrish , Mark Boudreaux , Brian Merten, and Vickie Stratford (Hasbro Design), and Chad Donvito (Hasbro US Marketing) reveal what's in store for Star Wars for the remainder of 2009. Catch a special sneak peek into some 2010 secrets, too! Room 7AB 10:00-12:30 Warner Bros.— Join WB for a look at