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Fringe Coming with Something New in Season Two

Fringe Coming with Something New in Season Two Fringe is on its way back from that alternate reality, and we've got a few cool tidbits to share with you as we get ready for the second season of Fox's ubercool sci-fi procedural. For starters, Fox sent along this mysterious paper with its second-season premiere screener for the sci-fi series, which returns next Thursday at 9 p.m. Check out the close-up below for the message it contains. (Possible spoiler ahead !) What could it mean?? Executive producers J.J. Abrams , Jeff Pinkner, Joel Wyman and Akiva Goldsman, meanwhile, promise that the second season will build on the tantalizing promise of the first: "As we said last year, Fringe is a procedural, but unlike most procedurals, it's driven by character. Last season we met Olivia Dunham ( Anna Torv ), Walter Bishop ( John Noble ) and Peter Bishop ( Joshua Jackson ) as well as the characters who support them while they tackle insane problems. And we discovered that at lea