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Flash Gordon Remake Might Be Happening

A new cinematic adaptation of pulpy comic serial Flash Gordon has been in the works for years now, particularly at Fox. And there's another director attached to take a stab at making it, with Son Of A Gun 's Julius Avery nabbing the job for Fox. Flash Gordon originated in comic strip form back in 1934, with Flash pitted on the planet Mongo fighting its tyrannical ruler, Ming the Merciless. It has gone through a few screen variants, as Buster Crabbe played him in serial fashion later in the 1930s and then more memorably by Sam Jones in the campy, Queen-soundtracked 1980 movie. You can get a better idea of Flash's history in our feature on him. Fox has had a few stabs at the idea, with JD Payne and Patrick McKay hired to write a draft in 2014 and Matthew Vaughn was seriously interested in directing in 2015, though he'll now step back and simply produce. Avery, who has World War II horror thriller Overlord headed our way on 7 November, is apparently a big Flas

Matthew Vaughn in Talks to Direct 'Flash Gordon'

The Kingsman director is poised to bring Flash Gordon back to the big screen. Story by Matt Cummings If you've listened to our Inside the Bucket podcasts, you know of our boss' affection for the 1980 Sci-Fi film Flash Gordon . Full of camp and cheese, the film followed the extraterrestrial exploits of the titular character (played by Sam J. Jones). But the 'franchise' (if you can even call it that) has been in a slumbering coma. Gordon, a football star who becomes a space adventurer - battled Ming the Merciless and captured the heart of human Dale Arden (Melody Anderson). The movie doesn't hold up at all for many reasons, and there's not exactly a lot of clamor to see it return. But that could be changing. Our friends at THR are reporting that Kingsman: The Secret Service director Matthew Vaughn could be working on a Flash Gordon movie series reboot. Negations between he and 20th Century Fox are currently underway, which represents the

Sam Jones Say Next FLASH Film Will Be A Sequel

It's almost exactly a year since we last heard anything about the new Flash Gordon currently developing at Fox. Speaking to 1980's Flash and recent Ted star Sam Jones , however, Den Of Geek have quietly picked up a possible scoop. They've chosen not to trumpet it, probably because it sounds, if not ridiculous, then hugely unlikely. But according to Jones himself, the Fox Flash Gordon is not a reboot or a remake, but a possible sequel. "Matthew Reilly [VP of production at Fox Studios] acquired the screenplay rights to Flash Gordon last year," says Jones, "and he hired [producer] John Davis and his staff to write the script. They’re looking to bring out a sequel actually. I met with Matt, we’re in talks about that. A lot of people over the years, including Stephen Sommers and Neal H. Moritz, have acquired the screenplay rights, but for whatever reason they did not do a follow up on the option. So I’m very excited about it." We're in talks? J

Help This Get Made! #LifeAfterFlashGordon Documentary

Flash Gordon was a   film that made a huge impact on my life as a child and to this day I can say it is one of my favorite films. There is a documentary in the works titled Life After Flash . Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the film looks back on and celebrates the “mind blowing” cheesy sci-fi movie adapted from the iconic comic strip. Gordon's Alive! An exciting new feature documentary revealing the man and stories behind the legend that is Flash Gordon. Flash.....Ah...ahhh! You BET he saved every one of us! " Life After Flash " is a feature length documentary that celebrates the mind blowing film "Flash Gordon", and the real man behind the legend. It also looks at the impact that one film can have on an individual, and how it can change and influence their life. For those who have seen this iconic 1980 classic, you all know how spectacular the film is. It's brilliant. It's iconic, and this year, it's also 35 years old

Flash Gordon Film-Will It Ever Happen?

Flash Gordon Film-Will It Ever Happen? Following the release of "The Crazies" earlier this year, director Breck Eisner's next project could be a remake of John Carpenter's "Escape from New York." However, Eisner recently extended his option for Alex Raymond's classic sci-fi comic strip " Flash Gordon ," with an eye towards directing it down the line. "'Flash Gordon' is a total passion project for me," said Eisner during an interview with Fearnet. "We've just extended the option and the studio's very committed in trying to make it happen." "It's just a gigantic 3D experience with years of prep," continued Eisner. "It’s one of those movies you get once in a lifetime to make and for me it's been a passion of mine since I was a kid. If I could pick and just control everything I would love to make 'Flash Gordon,' it's really kind of my dream job, but it's multi-year, in

Zac Efron To Play Flash Gordon?

Zac Efron To Play Flash Gordon? I really hope that this is a bad dream. Please Please do not cast Zac Efron as one of my all time favorite character. Flash Gordon. NOOOOOOOOO It looks like Zac Efron is in talks to play Flash Gordon in a new movie. The High School Musical star recently admitted that he would love to star in Spider-Man, but sources told Showbiz Spy that he is "excited" about joining Flash Gordon. "Zac is one of the front runners to play Flash and he's making no secret of the fact that he would love the role," an insider said. You really think he could pull this off? Didn't think so.  No way no how! Please Leave A Comment- Source- digitalspy

Flash Gordon Film Update By Director Breck Eisner

Flash Gordon Film Update By Director Breck Eisner This is great news to hear about the upcoming Flash Gordon movie. I have been a life long Flash Gordon fan since the first time I saw it on Beta in the early 80's, and as you can tell by the picture with Flash himself Sam Jones, this was a huge day in my life and about 60lbs heavier. He promises it will be in 3-D. "It's a movie that is in no way a remake or a re-imagining or a reboot of the '80s version or the serial version," "No Queen [music]. It is not camp in any way. I actually enjoyed the campy 80's film. We're going back to the original Alex Raymond [comic strip] scripts and imagining if he were living today, what would those strips be like?" Eisner is moving forward on his new movie version of the classic sci-fi story. "Flash Gordon is a movie I've been pursuing for years, and I finally was able to orchestrate it going to Sony from Hearst," Eisner added: "We hired writer

Sam Worthington Or Ryan Reynolds To Play Flash Gordon In Remake

Sam Worthington Or Ryan Reynolds To Play Flash Gordon In Remake Flash Gordon is one of my all time favorite films as a kid I remember watching it on my father's beta. And then as I got older watching it on VHS. Who doesn't love this movie. Forget about it! A remake I am not so sure of but the two actors they have in mind could fill the Iconic role that Sam J. Jones made so famous. Here is some interesting news I found out. Newcomer Sam Worthington is rising up in the ranks! We hear buzz that he may be starring in a Flash Gordon remake. He currently stars in James Cameron’s Avatar, and has been named as one of the hot breakout stars of the year. Sources say Sam is up against the sexy Ryan Reynolds for the leading role in the sci-fi flick. “If he gets the role it would be quite a big deal as Flash is an all-American hero,” dished one Hollywood insider. “Right now it’s between Sam, Ryan Reynolds and one or two others for the lead role should the project actually get off the gro