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More Set Photos From " Green Hornet "

More Set Photos From " Green Hornet " Here are some new photos from the Set of Green Hornet. Be Ready For a Spoiler -They shot an outdoor press conference Scene, Where Britt Reid ( Seth Rogan ) gets shot in the left upper shoulder. By night, debonair newspaper publisher Britt Reid fights crime as a masked superhero known as The Green Hornet . At his side is martial arts expert Kato. Movie Is Due Out December 17, 2010 Please Leave A Comment-

First Set Photos Of The Green Hornet

First Set Photos Of The Green Hornet They have got this movie off the ground and are really going to make it. Too bad it will be coming out the same day as Tron:Legacy . We all know who is going to win that box office battle. HitFix .com was able to ask Seth Rogen about this new development. Rogen said that him, Evan Goldberg (screenwriter), and Michael Gondry (director), were "relieved and psyched about the change". They will be able to better promote the movie and will attend Comic-Con next year which could help the film out tremendously. Please Leave A Comment- Source- crazycritics

Finally a Firm Release Date For The Green Hornet

Finally a Firm Release Date For The Green Hornet While at Comic Con this year you got the First look at the Green Hornet Car. Those waiting to be stung by “The Green Hornet” will have to wait a little bit longer. Columbia’s adaptation of the crime-fighting hero starring Seth Rogen has been pushed back from a July 9 release date to a Dec. 17 2010 unveiling. This is the second move for the flick, which originally was scheduled for a June 25 opening. Production on “ Hornet ” began production in Los Angeles this week, a little later than anticipated. Stephen Chow was originally tapped to act as director and as the character of Kato but stepped down as director. Michel Gondry boarded as helmer in February and then during the casting process, which saw Cameron Diaz and Nicolas Cage join the cast, Chow exited the Kato role as well. (Asian actor Jay Chou is now playing the role.) The new date gives the FX-heavy movie more time to get ready in post. Leave A Comment- Source- THR