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Movie Review: 'The Transporter Refueled'

The Transporter Refueled feels like it's run out of gas. Review by Matt Cummings The Transporter franchise hasn't evolved much beyond its simple action roots, doing what it knew best while elevating Actor Jason Statham into the pantheon of action heroes. Granted, the franchise has never been about stunning camerawork, glamorous locations, or deep character studies about flawed people trying to make right. It is what people expect: loud music, silly performances, and car/human stunts designed to take away from the lack of plot. Unfortunately, anything truly interesting about The Transporter Refueled gets hopelessly lost in a glorified Audi commercial, rather than a meaningful story about revenge and the driver who gets caught in the middle. As the Transporter, Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) has gained a reputation for getting any package (human or otherwise) to its destination, regardless of the danger. But when his ex-MI6 father (Ray Stevenson) shows up for a little

Brick Mansions Review: Lowbrow But Sinfully Fun

The utterly corny and lowbrow Brick Mansions is utterly enjoyable Summer action fare.