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Kevin Smith Hints at Mallrats Sequel

Director possibly heading back to the food court. By Brandon Wolfe Kevin Smith’s self-proclaimed “retirement” isn’t proving any more final than showbiz retirements ever do (Hackman and Connery notwithstanding). The polarizing director has a full dance card for the near future, as he plans to follow up his oddball Tusk by shooting the long-delayed Clerks III in May, his even-longer-delayed hockey miniseries Hit Somebody in the fall before going to work on his next two Canadian-themed, weed-fueled horror experiments, Moose Jaws (which is exactly what it sounds like) and Anti-Claus , early next year. But after he’s done with all of that, Smith dropped an intriguing hint on his Facebook page for what lies ahead. It sounds like Smith is going to make a return trip to the mall for another installment of Mallrats , his critically savaged 1995 sophomoric sophomore effort. That film, which chronicled a day in the lives of Brodie Bruce (Jason Lee in the role that put him on the m