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Bryan Fuller broke the news on his Instagram yesterday, and today, Nerdist announces the release of a long-awaited Hannibal reunion , set to air at 10 am PT on Nerdist's YouTube Channel and will simultaneously stream on the Geek & Sundry YouTube Channel and Geek & Sundry's Twitch Channel , where fans can join live chat with cast and crew from the show. The event kicks off Nerdist's planned virtual panel series Nerdist House 2020. Expect more details and exciting announcements on that shortly. The virtual panel was moderated by Nerdist's Rosie Knight, and as a screen shot from the taping has already leaked, it will come as no surprise to fans that the panel includes series creator Bryan Fuller, Made Mikkelsen (Hannibal Lecter), Hugh Dancy (Will Graham), Gillian Anderson (Bedelia Du Maurier), Caroline Dhavernas (Alana Bloom), Katie Isabelle (Margot Verger), Raúl Esparza (Frederick Chilton), Hettiene Park (Beverly Katz), Kacey Rohl (Abigail Hobbs), Scott

New Star Trek TV Series Teaser Trailer

"New villains. New crews. New heroes. New worlds." But not really much news. The first teaser trailer for the new Star Trek TV series has arrived online and, since the show – being run by, among others, Hannibal's Bryan Fuller – is still in its infancy, there were no major announcements. But take a look at the teaser, which flies around the stars, regardless. Fuller and Alex Kurtzman are the executive producers, and the show will also boast the writing (and potentially directing) talents of Nicholas Meyer, the man who helped to bring Star Trek back to life on the big screen with Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan in 1982, wrote 1986's The Voyage Home and then helped send the original crew's movies off with 1991's The Undiscovered Country. No casting details have emerged yet, but those should be following along soon enough. And there has been talk that this will be an anthology series following different ships and crews through their adventures. Which co

First Poster For The New #STARTREK Series

Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, who is the son of  Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry, and also the president of Roddenberry Entertainment, along with Roddenberry Entertainment COO, Trevor Roth, will also exec-produce CBS’ upcoming brand new STAR TREK series, along with Alex Kurtzman, Heather Kadin, and Bryan Fuller who serves as the series’ showrunner. Roddenberry Entertainment will co-produce with CBS Television Studios, Secret Hideout and Living Dead Guy Productions No plot and setting details have been revealed yet about this series. But legendary Nicholas Meyer who gave us “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” and “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” and “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” will be involved in consulting-producing and writing capacity. Bryan Fuller is the co-creator and exec-producer and showrunner of CBS’ brand new STAR TREK series which will premiere January 2017. Fuller had writing gigs for “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and “Star Trek: Voyager” and so the followi

Bryan Fuller To Deliver Star Trek To CBS

Over the past several years, a number of names have been associated with the idea of bringing Star Trek back to television. One of the most bandied about has been Bryan Fuller . Today CBS announced that Fuller will indeed be serving as co-creator and showrunner of the new series set to premiere this January. For executive producer Alex Kurtzman (who produced and co-wrote the first two films in the J.J. Abrams big screen reboot of the franchise) this is exciting news. "Bringing Star Trek back to television means returning it to its roots, and for years those roots flourished under Bryan's devoted care," he says of Fuller, who has previously worked on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager. "His encyclopedic knowledge of Trek canon is surpassed only by his love for Gene Roddenberry's optimistic future; a vision that continues to guide us as we explore strange new worlds." Fuller, who will remain as co-showrunner of the forthcoming America

TV Review: Hannibal “The Wrath of the Lamb” (Series Finale)

Cult series steps away from the table. Review by Brandon Wolfe Hannibal ’s third, and ultimately final, season carried with it the problem of reverence. In the first two seasons, the series carved out its own territory apart from Thomas Harris’ novels, staking its claim to the heretofore unexplored era prior to Red Dragon , when Will Graham worked as an FBI profiler and Hannibal Lecter was a psychiatrist and advisor. In these seasons, the show operated as a wackadoo procedural, a CSI where killers operate as avant-garde artists who will sew you into a tapestry with a hundred other bodies, fashion your corpse into a biological tree or rip you apart while wearing animal adornments and operating as a self-appointed werewolf. It was completely, gloriously insane, and it felt fresh and new. But with the third season, series creator Bryan Fuller made the understandable decision to finally tackle Harris’ source material, taking on adaptations of both the Hannibal and Red Dragon novels,

#HANNIBAL Season 3 Comic Con Trailer

Here’s the new trailer for HANNIBAL season 3 which features ‘ The Hobbit ” movies star, Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde a.k.a sociopath The Red Dragon . Please Leave A Comment-

Bryan Fuller Wants A #Hannibal Film

Fannibals, take heart! (Not literally, of course.) In a Comic-Con interview with Yahoo TV , Hannibal mastermind, Bryan Fuller , revealed that he’s weighing several potential avenues for continuing the show now that NBC has officially canceled it. One of those avenues would potentially be a standalone theatrical film. “The idea for Season 4 that we were intending to do could go into a film very easily,” Fuller teases, adding that he “can’t say too much about it, because it will spoil the end of this season.” That, and there are also additional rights issues to sort out, as he currently only has the ability to tell stories about Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham in the television realm. Still, Fuller’s optimism should feed the souls and stomachs of Hannibal devotees worried that the Season 3 finale will also be a permanent end. Fuller also makes it clear that he’d welcome Fannibal support in showing the appetite for more Hannibal, up to and including mailing body parts to the studio.

Amazon Prime Will Not Bite Down on Hannibal

No one wants seconds of this cult gem. By Brandon Wolfe Like so many of Dr. Lecter's victims, it's beginning to look like Hannibal might be dead for good. Following NBC's cancellation of the beloved, if poorly rated, cult series, showrunner Bryan Fuller isn't having much luck enticing other outlets to pick up the Peacock's table scraps. In addition to the recent revelation that Netflix would not be opening its doors to the series, Fuller has now confirmed via Twitter that Amazon Prime, the show's most logical home due to the service already streaming the first two seasons, has also declined to adopt the currently homeless cannibal. Making matters worse is the fact that the show's producing entity, Gaumont International Television, has allowed the options on lead actors Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen to expire, freeing them to field other film and TV offers. While both actors have professed loyalty to Hannibal , it isn't feasible for them to declin

#Hannibal Episode 4 "Contorno" Preview

Jack Crawford ( Laurence Fishburne ) and Inspector Pazzi (guest star Fortunato Cerlino ) search for clues that will lead them closer to Hannibal Lecter's ( Mads Mikkelsen ) location in Florence, but the promise of riches offered by Mason Verger (guest star Joe Anderson ) threatens to corrupt Pazzi's quest for redemption. Meanwhile, Will Graham ( Hugh Dancy ) and Chiyoh ( Tao Okamoto ) travel to Florence, both on a mission to find Hannibal, but at odds over the desired outcome. Watch the preview after the Jump... Elsewhere, as Alana Bloom ( Caroline Dhavernas ) continues to work with Mason Verger she grows concerned for the safety of all involved. Gillian Anderson also stars. Please Leave A Comment-

#Hannibal Episode 4 "Aperitivo" Clip

DR. CHILTON'S RETURN GIVES A GLIMPSE INTO THE EVENTS THAT FOLLOWED HANNIBAL'S BRUTAL ATTACK -- RAÚL ESPARZA, GINA TORRES, JOE ANDERSON AND KATHERINE ISABELLE GUEST STAR -- Watch the clip after the Jump... Click HERE to watch the clip. After surviving a disfiguring gunshot, Dr. Fredrick Chilton (guest star Raúl Esparza ) is now focused on rallying support to capture Hannibal ( Mads Mikkelsen ), using Will ( Hugh Dancy ) as bait. Jack ( Laurence Fishburne ) is distracted by Bella's (guest star Gina Torres ) failing health, but he implores Will to abandon the risky idea of finding Hannibal. Meanwhile, Alana Bloom ( Caroline Dhavernas ) entertains a different approach, potentially partnering with Mason Verger (guest star Joe Anderson ) to utilize his vast resources. Glenn Fleshler also guest stars. Please Leave A Comment-

#Hannibal Has Been Cancelled

Buzzfeed is reporting Hannibal is done. Currently in its third season on NBC, the critically praised, little watched Hannibal has been canceled. Though the show has never been a mass hit, NBC has renewed it twice before because Hannibal has been inexpensive to license (because of international sales and a VOD deal). It has also drawn a fanatically devoted cult audience. Nonetheless, airing as a summer offering, Season 3 has hit series lows. Thursday’s episode drew 1.8 million viewers and a .5 in the 18 to 49 demographic. Season 3 is 13 episodes, and a spokesman for NBC confirmed that the show will air in full throughout the summer. Hannibal, created by Bryan Fuller, stars Hugh Dancy as Will Graham and Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter. Critics have complimented its aesthetics and thoughtful approach to violence throughout its run. A statement from Fuller praised NBC, and also left the door open for the show to try to find another home. “NBC has allowed us to craft a televisi

#Hannibal Episode 3 "Secondo" Clips

WILL GRAHAM ENCOUNTERS A POSSIBLE ALLY IN HIS SEARCH FOR HANNIBAL LECTER -- Will Graham ( Hugh Dancy ) continues his search for Hannibal Lecter ( Mads Mikkelsen ), making his way to Hannibal's childhood home in Lithuania. Once there he meets the mysterious Chiyoh ( Tao Okamoto ), former attendant to Hannibal's aunt. Meanwhile, Jack Crawford ( Laurence Fishburne ) arrives in Italy, hoping to find Will and intervene before tragedy strikes again, and Bedelia ( Gillian Anderson ) warns Hannibal against unraveling his new life. Watch all the clips after the Jump... Please Leave A Comment-


STARZ GIVES GREEN LIGHT TO “ AMERICAN GODS ” FROM FREMANTLEMEDIA NORTH AMERICA Bryan Fuller and Michael Green to Serve as Showrunners on the New Scripted Drama Series Based on Neil Gaiman’s Blockbuster Novel Starz has given a greenlight to FremantleMedia North America’s (FMNA) adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed contemporary fantasy novel American Gods. Bryan Fuller (“Hannibal,” “Pushing Daisies,” “Heroes”) and Michael Green (“The River,” “Kings,” “Heroes”), will pen and showrun the series. Gaiman will also executive produce the series. FremantleMedia North America will produce. Start of production is dependent on casting the lead role of “Shadow Moon.” Starz CEO Chris Albrecht said, “STARZ is committed to bring American Gods to its legions of fans. With our partners at FremantleMedia and with Bryan, Michael and Neil guiding the project, we hope to create a series that honors the book and does right by the fans, who have been casting it in their minds for years. The search

#Hannibal Season 3 Episode 2 "PRIMAVERA" Clip

PRIMAVERA (TV-14) WILL GRAHAM SETS OFF ON A SEARCH FOR HANNIBAL LECTER Watch the clip after the Jump... With his wounds now healed, Will Graham ( Hugh Dancy ) heads to Europe eight months after the horrific event that almost took his life, in search of closure with Hannibal Lecter ( Mads Mikkelsen ). Following a hunch, Will arrives in Palermo, Italy to find a disturbing gift. Will's arrival draws suspicion from Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi (guest star Fortunato Cerlino ), who twenty years earlier pursued a Florentine killer known as "Il Mostro" and, after reading Will's file, believes that Hannibal Lecter and "Il Mostro" are one and the same. Pazzi tries to enlist Will's help in catching Hannibal, but Will warns that he is unsure of where his own allegiance lies. Please Leave A Comment-

#Hannibal Season 3 First Look

Having successfully escaped FBI capture, Hannibal Lecter ( Mads Mikkelsen ) is moving through the European landscape, with Bedelia Du Maurier ( Gillian Anderson ) in tow. But Dr. Lecter's old habits and opulent tastes are still on display as he settles into a new identity and life in Florence, Italy, working at the Palazzo Capponi museum. Glimpses into the past help inform his relationship with Bedelia, a pairing not clearly defined as friend or foe. Tom Wisdom and Jeremy Crutchley also guest star. Watch the First Look HERE . Watch Clips from the show HERE . Please Leave A Comment-

#Hannibal Season 3 Premiere 'Antipasto' Clips

HANNIBAL IS ON THE RUN - EDDIE IZZARD AND ZACHARY QUINTO GUEST STAR. Having successfully escaped FBI capture, Hannibal Lecter ( Mads Mikkelsen ) is moving through the European landscape, with Bedelia Du Maurier ( Gillian Anderson ) in tow. But Dr. Lecter's old habits and opulent tastes are still on display as he settles into a new identity and life in Florence, Italy, working at the Palazzo Capponi museum. Glimpses into the past help inform his relationship with Bedelia, a pairing not clearly defined as friend or foe. Tom Wisdom and Jeremy Crutchley also guest star. Bedelia In Florence Watch all the clips after the Jump... The Curator Once Upon A Time A New Hannibal Please Leave A Comment-

TV Review: Hannibal “Mizumono” By: Brandon Wolfe

TV Review: Hannibal “Mizumono” By: Brandon Wolfe The one inevitability of Hannibal Lecter’s mythology is that he winds up incarcerated. It is how the character is thought of in popular culture, taunting and assessing from behind a barrier. In the season premiere, when we are shown that future tease of Jack Crawford engaging Hannibal in that brutal fight, we concluded that the jig was up. When we would finally arrive at that moment, the genie would be out of the bottle. There could be no going back to Hannibal the friend, Hannibal the consultant, Hannibal the psychiatrist. Regardless of how grim Jack’s situation seemed to look, this would be the moment where Hannibal Lecter ceased to be a free man. And now, having seen the season finale, the show has made fools of us yet again. Hannibal Lecter will find his way into that jail cell one day, but that day is still ahead of him. And what he leaves in his wake is a bloodbath so grand and unimaginable that had the show not been renewed,

TV Review: Hannibal “Tome-Wan” By: Brandon Wolfe

TV Review: Hannibal “Tome-Wan” By: Brandon Wolfe ‘ Hannibal ’ has always felt like the ‘ Red Dragon ’ show. It may precede the events of that story, but the presence of Will Graham has always linked it to that particular Hannibal Lecter tale. The link is compounded further by the fact that the 2002 film version of ‘Red Dragon’ opens with a prologue of Will consulting with Hannibal on a case, the only time we ever saw the Anthony Hopkins version of the character in a position similar to the Mads Mikkelsen interpretation. Which is why watching the show abruptly shift its focus so sharply to the events of the ‘Hannibal’ novel and subsequent film adaptation has been a bit jarring. The decision isn’t without logic. Hannibal Lecter’s initial encounters with Mason Verger preceded his incarceration, which would put it in roughly this timeline. But as viewers who are aware that ‘Hannibal’ came last as a novel, all the references and allusions to it in this prequel feel like putting the car

TV Review: Hannibal “Ko No Mono” By: Brandon Wolfe

TV Review: Hannibal “Ko No Mono” By: Brandon Wolfe The degree to which the Vergers have taken over ‘Hannibal’ so quickly is a bit strange. The characters, who have a rightful place in the Hannibal Lecter mythos, are interesting ones to add into the mix, especially since they were late additions to Thomas Harris’ written universe and we are still at a point before even the events of ‘Red Dragon’ have occurred. Katharine Isabelle and Michael Pitt are doing fine work as the twisted siblings, and Pitt in particular adds a manic, animated note to the show that definitely stands out among the solemnity of the rest of the cast. But it feels like too much, too fast. Maybe if the characters had lingered in the background longer this season, their sudden ascension wouldn’t have felt so jarring. But we only officially met Mason last week and he’s already in therapy sessions with Hannibal (as all psychos on this show inevitably are). What’s more, Margot is already pregnant with Will’s love c

TV Review: Hannibal “Naka-Choko” By: Brandon Wolfe

TV Review: Hannibal “Naka-Choko” By: Brandon Wolfe ‘ Hannibal ’ has been in the ratings cellar since Day 1, and though executive producer Bryan Fuller has proclaimed a hearty optimism for it continuing on beyond this year, on NBC or not, the show has behaved this season like a series that lives only for now, with no eye out toward the future. Major characters die, seemingly impossible character reversals take place, and it plays like a show blowing itself up today because it doesn’t know if it will be around tomorrow. So daring has ‘Hannibal’ become on a routine basis that I genuinely have no clue not only what it will do next week, but especially what it will do next year. For a show that started life as a more gruesome, more artfully shot network procedural, it has become a truly unpredictable high-wire act. You would possibly have to go back to ‘Twin Peaks’ to find the last time a network series broke this many rules. Will Graham’s rededication to Hannibal Lecter since being r