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Actor Christopher Lee Dies at 93

Prolific actor experienced late-life resurgence. Story by Matt Cummings Depending on who you talk to, Actor Christopher Lee was either that scary guy from 60/70s horror cinema or that scary guy in the Star Wars prequels and Lord of the Rings . Either way, Lee's death on Sunday of heart failure reminds us of the incredible late-career resurgence which the Son of Dracula experienced, a fact that doesn't happen too often in the grind that is Hollywood. Born Christopher Frank Carandini Lee in Belgravia, Westminster, England on May 27, 1922, Lee was a military brat whose father and mother divorced when he was young. Before he became an actor, Lee had volunteered to fight against the Soviet Union in 1939, later serving the RAF and British intelligence during WWII. That period seems to have been an important turning point for Lee, who later remarked that his willingness to do so many horror films was nothing compared to what he had seen as a spy for the British governm

October 2014 Movies On Our Radar

After two terrible months, October shapes up nicely in our On the Radar Preview. We hate being right. Last month, we predicted that the Domestic Box Office for September 2014 would be one of the worst in recent memory, and it sadly kept its promise, slogging in well under 2013 with $273.8m and nearly beating the venerable 2001 haul of $268.5m. The quarter was also the worst since 1996, taking in just $2.5b - yes, that period includes Summer 'blockbusters.' With these infamies behind us, we now move into the pre-Oscar/Holiday film season, a period that usually delivers memorable features while a few even make their case for February considerations. This month, we find an appealing mix of WWII tank drama, spine-tingling horror, as well as a few genuine Oscar contenders. Here is our On the Radar preview for October 2014: Annabelle (October 1st) Plot: A couple begin to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their hom

Is Your Favorite Television Show Coming Back?

Network Television is poised to either make or break your day. Read on to find out why.