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Lauren Kate's "Fallen" To Be Made Into A Film

Lauren Kate's "Fallen" To Be Made Into A Film Does this sound like Twilight? Do we need another film and novels to drive the women crazy. Isn't Twilight enough? And I am fine with Twilight I enjoyed the first movie, and yes I haven't seen New Moon yet. What could be dreamier for a young girl than having sparkly vampires and cute werewolf boys fighting over her? How about having two fallen angels fighting over her for centuries? Disney's betting on the latter, having just optioned Young Adult author Lauren Kate 's novel "Fallen", the first in a projected four-volume series, that has just that premise, The novel, which just came out this week from Delacorte Books for Young Readers, centers on a 17-year-old girl named Lucinda, who just like Isabella "Bella" Swan from Twilight has a name that is shortened to something nice and Latinate with an implied deeper meaning, "Luce." Luce goes to the Sword and Cross School, where she mee