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Simon West Dreams Of A Con Air 2

Hitting theaters this Friday is Simon West's remake of the 1972 action film The Mechanic . Starring Jason Statham and Ben Foster , the film updates the Charles Bronson original with Statham as an expert "mechanic", an assassin who not only kills with ease, but who can make any death look like a perfect accident. When he's tricked into betraying his old friend, Harry McKenna (Donald Sutherland), Statham's Arthur Bishop ends up becoming the unwitting teacher to Harry's son, Steve (Ben Foster), schooling him in the art of the kill. What's coming up next for you? West: I'm about to start a film with Nic Cage called Medallion . It's a bank robber film. He's a bank robber who just gets out of jail. His ex-partner, who everyone thinks is dead, is working as a cab driver and kidnaps Nic's daughter and throws her in the trunk of a cab because he thinks that Nic's character still has 10 million from an old job, even though he doesn't.