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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Spoilers & Easter Eggs

Story by: Matt Cummings Time to suit up with these awesome Easter Eggs ! With the warm glow that is now Captain America: The Winter Soldier in theaters, we couldn't help but notice a ton of Easter eggs that make this film so unique. Based on our reviews it's one of the best Marvel movies ever, but these hidden name checks and winks came so fast and furious that you might have missed them all. Just in case you did, here they are in all their glory. Obviously this article contains HUGE SPOILERS , so click off this page if you accidentally thought we were talking about something else. 1) Batroc The Leaper Near the beginning of the film, were treated to the old forgotten Marvel villain Batroc the Leaper . A martial arts expert trained in a technique called Savate, Batroc in the comics worked for The Thunderbolts and The Masters of Evil . Here he offers Cap stiff resistance as he and Black Widow board a S.H.I.E.L.D. transport vessel. Nice look for Batroc, an