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CW Developing Friday the 13th Series

Jason's Creek or Kill-more Girls? By Brandon Wolfe The CW will take a break from its usual teen dramas and repeat-pillaging of DC Comics to head down to Crystal Lake. The network is source developing a series based on the Friday the 13th film franchise as a horror/crime thriller. Steve Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle, creators of the NBC series The Pretender , are developing the series, which intends to reimagine slasher Jason Voorhees in a more grounded framework. The story will center on a detective's search for his missing brother, which brings him into contact with a serial killer long thought to be dead, but whose killing spree has resumed. The series will also update Crystal Lake from a remote wooded area into a bustling town with a dark history. A source says: "It's like the town from Jaws. It's like Amityville 20 years later, and someone says, 'I think the shark is back.' Everyone is like, 'Oh, s--t. We can't have the shark back, we fi

New Friday the 13th To Explore Jason's Immortality

Why won't he DIE? By Brandon Wolfe Another Friday the 13th just came and went, yet there’s been no sign of the date’s symbolic representative, Jason Voorhees, onscreen in six years, leading audiences to wonder whether if the hockey-masked galoot will ever again emerge from the depths of Development Hell. But in an interview with Esquire , Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller reveals that not only are there currently plans to get Jason back into theaters, but there might be an actual creative angle in the works for this notoriously autopiloted franchise. "There's always been this supernatural aspect to these movies,” Fuller says. “It defies logic that, you see Jason get killed in every movie, including ours, the 2009 one. And then he comes back and no one's ever really investigated what that is. So that's something that I think about a little bit. Like it is supernatural, but what is he? Those are the things that we're toying with. Nothing has been deci