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BALLS OUT Will Be All Out June 19th

“ BALLS OUT ” GETS NORTH AND LATIN AMERICAN DISTRIBUTION The “Best Guilty Pleasure” award winner at the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival, BALLS OUT stars  Jake Lacy  (”Girls”),  Nikki Reed  (Twilight Franchise),  Kate McKinnon  (“SNL”),  Jay Pharoah  (”SNL”),  Beck Bennett  (”SNL”), and  Nick Kocher . It was produced by Russell Wayne Groves, Andrew Lee, Bradley Jackson, David Ward, and Red Sanders. Tucker Moore, Jason Netter, and Spence Jackson serve as executive producers. THE ANDREW DISNEY-DIRECTED FILM WILL RELEASE JUNE 19th IN US THEATERS AND ON VOD BALLS OUT , a comedy that premiered under the name INTRAMURAL at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, gets North American distribution through Orion Releasing , a company focused on multi-platform releases via specialized theatrical runs and premium video on demand services, and Latin American distribution through MGM . Directed by Andrew Disney and written by Bradley Jackson, BALLS OUT tells the story of 5th year college