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Conan The Barbarian Broadway Musical

Could A Conan The Barbarian Broadway Musical Be On It's Way? According to our good friend Randy over at TheArnoldFans we just might get our hand on a Conan the Barbarian Broadway show if John Milius has his way. Milius is best known for directing the film Conan and was also instrumental during the start-up of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) organization: it was his idea to use the octagon-shaped cage, and his association with UFC helped provide interest and investors to the start-up UFC. Here is part of the interview that Randy had with the director. While speaking with the great John Milius , director of Conan the Barbarian , for nearly an hour, I learned of many interesting developments for the director/screenwriter including some goods on his new Genghis Khan script, King Conan and other projects. However, one that came as the biggest surprise was that we may someday get a Conan the Barbarian broadway musical! Lookout Spiderman the musical, "Conan the

Mickey Rourke Talks Genghis Khan Biopic

Mickey Rourke Talks Genghis Khan Biopic We got word that  Mickey Rourke will be starring in a Genghis Khan biopic, written and directed by "Apocalypse Now" writer John Milius. "It is [an epic movie]," Rourke said, "but because Milius is a really terrific writer, it's not your stereotypical blood and swords. It's almost done on a-- not quite a documentary historical background of the whole Mongol reign, but there's a lot of humor in it that you wouldn't expect." "I like the part where he has-- they use dogs in battle, these big dogs," the actor explained. "And then, on one particular battle, [Khan] didn't think they were going to be doing too good. So he said 'Leave the dogs behind.' I like that." Please Leave A Comment- Source- MTV