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Is Best Picture About to Be Changed...AGAIN?

A report suggests that a major course correction might happen. Story by Matt Cummings Six years ago, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences expanded the list of best picture nominees from five to 10, a move that was supposed to shine greater light on more mainstream films and attract a wider audience to root for their favorites. It appears that the experiment has not only failed, but that a surprising reversal might be in store. According to a report by THR , MPAS is considering a move back to the old rules, where best picture would again be limited to five nominees. The change is happening in large part because a significant amount of MPAS members believe the experiment to generate more interest in the Oscars has failed and has actually reduced the prestige of the nomination. TV audiences are apparently driving the decision to make the change. According to new numbers, the 2015 Oscar telecast experienced a 15 percent drop, bolstered by harsh public critici