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iZombie S01E05 Recap: Flight of the Living Dead

Who knew hot sauce was the way to a zombie’s heart? Story by @ErikaAshley A group of daredevils jump out of a plane skydiving resulting in one jumper impaled on a tree. Liv and Ravi are forced to wait for rescuers to retrieve the body for bagging when Liv gets a call from her roommate and best friend, Peyton, informing her of an accident with their sorority sister, Holly. Who coincidently turns out to be the girl impaled on the tree. A member from the skydiving group confronts them upset that a new member to their group messed up the jump by having Holly jump out of the plane second to last instead of last and then started to act strange. Liv and the stranger make bizarre eye contact as the situation escalates as he swears her death was not an accident. Major visits Clive at the precinct and asks about his missing friend Jerome since he hasn’t seen him for almost a week. Clive tries to explain that there isn’t much he can do because he’s not in the missing person’s depar

iZombie S01E04 Recap: Liv and Let Clive

Good Cop/Bad Cop/Undead Detective Story by @ErikaAshley Blaine and his undead girlfriend Jackie do their best to look alive by using her wealth to fake tan and dye their hair a lively shade. On the other side of town Liv drops by Major’s and he seems a little on edge checking the stairs every couple of seconds. When she asks about Eddie and Jerome he says now they’re both missing just as a half-naked Corinne, Major’s new girlfriend, comes down the stairs and causes an awkward meeting. Liv quickly excuses herself and heads over to the morgue where the newest John Doe is an Asian gang member with missing molars and sans-fingertips. Just as Liv is about to saw open her lunch her brother pops up to collect the keys to her place since he’ll be crashing there while Peyton is out of town. When Detective Babineaux, also known as Clive, shows up to see the newest victim on the table he recognizes the John Doe as Sammy Wong, a previous acquaintance. Liv offers to help Clive right

NBC Has Cancelled "Heroes"

NBC Has Cancelled "Heroes" The network seriously mulled bringing back "Heroes" for a shortened final season to wrap up the serialized show. In the end, given the fairly high cost of the drama, the show's consistently declining ratings and the number of new hour-longs coming to NBC next season, the network decided the UMS-produced series wasn't worth an additional season. Sources are still leaving the door open to conclude the show with a special or movie, but tabling that verdict until after upfronts. The show has long had a rocky relationship with its fans. Out of the gate, "Heroes" was a big hit for the network -- an ethnically diverse big-concept ensemble that performed well overseas. It was NBC's "Lost." But the show's writers struggled to keep the show's twisting narrative on track. Characters were killed off and resurrected with regularity. Narrative threads were started, then abandoned. Unlike "Lost," t