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Blu Ray Review: 'Hollywood Shuffle'

Is Stardom All It Is Cracked Up To Be? Review by David Clark Buckle up for this one and be prepared because Hollywood Shuffle will make you laugh, think, and feel guilty all at the same time. Robert Townsend, known today as a well rounded actor, writer, and director, had a message on his mind that he wanted to share with the world. Nearly 30 years later Townsend’s little project is still funny and still holds relevance. Joined by the likes of Keenan Ivory Wayans, David McKnight, Anne-Marie Johnson, Helen Martin, and Sarah Coughlan; Townsend sheds light on what life as a young would-be minority actor is like in hollywood. Despite the important message regarding equality for actors, Hollywood Shuffle does not preach or lecture, it is a satirical comedy that has a moral at the center. The movie follows Townsend as he plays the character of Bobby Taylor, a young African-American actor trying to earn his big break in the movie and television industry. Bobby tries to