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Keanu Reeves Could Join Akira

Akira , the English-language, live-action take on the landmark anime and manga property, is zeroing in on its star, and it just might be Keanu Reeves . Warner Bros. has been having a tough time finding the two leads of the movie, to be directed by Albert Hughes. In the script, the action moves from Neon-Tokyo to New Manhattan, where a biker gang leader tries to save his best friend from a medical experiment that threatens to unleash destructive powers. Actors ranging from James Franco and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Robert Pattinson and Michael Fassbender have circled the project in some form or fashion as the studio sought to find an A-list lead. Now comes word that Reeves has held talks with the studio, with whom he already made the massively successful Matrix movies, for the part of Kaneda, the gang leader. Reeves doesn't yet have an offer for the role, but we hear the talks with his reps have been going well. Reeves anchoring the project could serve as a strong lure fo

Akira Begins Casting

The script for the Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures live action adaptation of anime artist Katsuhiro Otomo’s 6-volume graphic novel Akira has been sent to a short list of actors. The picture is finally taking shape for an August start, following the delivery of a rewrite by Steve Kloves that has director Albert Hughes and the studio brass excited. The story takes place in the rebuilt New Manhattan where a leader of a biker gang saves his friend from a medical experiment. There are two major roles, and I'm told that for Tetsuo , Robert Pattinson, Andrew Garfield and James McAvoy have been given the new script. For the role of Kaneda , the script has been given to Garrett Hedlund, Michael Fassbender, Chris Pine, Justin Timberlake and Joaquin Phoenix . The two leads are expected to come from that group of actors. Andrew Lazar is producing with Appian Way’s Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson Killoran. Akira has been one of Warner Bros' high priority projects since th

Book Of Eli Movie Review By:Sandwichjohn

Book Of Eli Movie Review By:Sandwichjohn I had high hopes for Book of Eli, as I do for any Denzel Washington film, and while it didn’t quite live up to my high hopes it was still a good film. Denzel Washington stars as Eli, the protector of the last known copy of a certain book. It has been 31 years since “the flash” and subsequent war destroyed the world as we know it. The world now is a desolate waste land where water is scarce and books are scarcer. Gary Oldman stars as Carnegie, a corrupted mayor in a makeshift town that Eli wanders into. Carnegie has become obsessed with finding a copy of the book, he believes the words of the book have great power and that he could become a great leader with it. Mila Kunis stars as Solara, the daughter of Carnegie’s companion, who follows Eli after he escapes from the town. The action sequences were really well done. Towards the beginning of the film there was a great action sequence when Eli encounters some scavengers trying to rob him. Another

Hughes Brothers Turned Down Pirates of the Caribbean & Lone Ranger

Hughes Brothers Turned Down Pirates of the Caribbean & Lone Ranger What a mistake, in my opinion I guess if the shoe doesn't fit don't wear it. The brothers haven't had a hit since Menace To Society and Dead Presidents but I do have my fingers crossed with their up coming film The Book Of Eli. Nearly a decade passed between films for Albert and Allen Hughes—2001's "From Hell" to next week's "Book of Eli"—but don't think for a second the twin brothers weren't busy. They pursued a bunch of different Hollywood projects, and were pursued for many more. Two such films, as MTV News has exclusively learned, were mammoth Disney productions. The Hughes brothers were approached to direct both "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" and "The Lone Ranger." Once Gore Verbinksi dropped out of the "Pirates" franchise in April after directing the first three films and before Rob Marshall signed on, the Hughes broth

"The Book of Eli" Hidden Easter Eggs In The Film

"The Book of Eli" Hidden Easter Eggs In The Film Denzel Washington's upcoming post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie The Book of Eli knows it's only the latest in a long, venerable line of similarly themed movies, and it actually pays homage to them with easter eggs. Brother directors Allen and Albert Hughes slipped references to post-apocalyptic films and other classics into Eli ( spoilers ahead! ). An example: When Eli (Denzel Washington) spends the night in Carnegie's (Gary Oldman) town, check the wall for a movie poster: It's from A Boy and His Dog , the 1975 apocalyptic movie that starred Don Johnson. Albert Hughes admitted the homage was not in the original screenplay. "That was us," Albert said in an exclusive interview last month in Beverly Hills, Calif. "We put it in." There's another wink to the famous movie in Eli, Albert added: "Also, one of the snipers on the rooftop in the shootout had the exact gun from Boy and His Dog. That&