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West Side Story Review 'Dazzling, & truly a throwback to old classic musicals/filmmaking'

Black Sea Review: Well-Apportioned Submarine Thriller

Bolstered by strong performances, the submarine thriller Black Sea is a terrific underwater adventure. Review by Matt Cummings What happens when a movie is so good but so poorly-placed in the schedule that the best it can do is find itself in the Month of Forgotten Movies? That's the plight behind Black Sea , a memorable submarine thriller with everything going for it except for a proper release date. When the former submarine driver Robinson (Jude Law) loses his job at the company, he signs on with a shadowy investor and to liberate a German U-boat loaded with 4 tons of WWII-era gold. Seeking redemption and a final shot at respectability, Robinson hires a group of tough-minded men for his crew, including the psychotic Fraser (Ben Mendelsohn) and the newbie Tobin (Bobby Schofield). Although Robinson has promised his men an equal cut of the profits, greed and murder are never far behind, and soon the crew begins to crack, crippling the mission and putting their very