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Movie Review: #ShaunTheSheep

The delightful Shaun the Sheep also feels a bit too long. Review by Matt Cummings In Directors Mark Burton and Richard Starzack's Shaun the Sheep , a group of wooly farm animals and their owner enjoy a carefree (but stilted) life of eating, being herded into pins, all while being taunted by the local gang of pigs. It wasn't always that way: Shaun and his family used to enjoy a happier existence with the Farmer, but times have changed, leading Shaun to desiring a day off. After he and the others trick Farmer into an afternoon nap, things begin to go astray, leading all of them into a high-stakes journey into a local city. There, Shaun must jolt Farmer's memory back after an accident that's left him the new king of hairstylists while keeping an animal catcher from taking the entire flock and Farmer's dog to the shelter. Shaun the Sheep is a non-speaking movie, unless you count the grunts and gestures by the stop-motion characters to be words. That