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We Will Have To Wait A Little Longer For Neill Blomkamp’s ALIEN Film

Here an update of the Neill Blomkamp’s new ALIEN movie. Bloody Disgusting is reporting.. “Alien 5 is still very much in the works, as Fox remains hot on the idea. Blomkamp continues to work on the script (only an outline existed previously) and refine the tale he is telling. Ridley Scott is still producing, but has insisted on Prometheus 2 being made first.” PROMETHEUS 2 may start production next year and then we’ll see about Blomkamp’s new ALIEN movie which he is currently writing. Ridley Scott will produce this next ALIEN movie which Blomkamp previously promised wouldn’t tread on the toes of Scott’s “Prometheus 2″ which itself also promises to divert away from ‘Alien’ franchise. Blomkamp’s ALIEN will pay respect to “ Alien 3 ″ and “ Alien Resurrection ” instead of completely ignoring them, at least that what Blomkamp promised,.. there are many promises here but it’s still uncertain where his new ALIEN movie will fit in the series. Please Leave A Comment-