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FX Networks Returns To Comic-Con With American Horror Story: 1984 & More

FX Networks is thrilled to announce that FX Fearless Forum will be anchored by the American Horror Story: 1984 – Face the Darkness activation. FX’s American Horror Story activations are popular with fans at Comic-Con and 2019 will be no different. Face the Darkness taps into the essence of the hit series’ ninth installation, American Horror Story: 1984 , premiering Wednesday, September 18, with an immersive excursion featuring classic tropes of slasher horror, augmented by night vision goggles to turn up the terror. FX Fearless Forum takes over the network’s traditional space adjacent to the Convention Center at this year’s annual San Diego Comic-Con and will also feature activations including the What We Do in the Shadows Lair, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Sunscreen Zone, and the Archer O2 Station. FX Fearless Forum will also light up the night with a spectacular, awe-inspiring projection mapped gallery display highlighting FX Network’s programming with stunning visual

Angela Bassett Joins Black Panther

Academy Award-nominated actress Angela Bassett has joined the cast of Marvel Studios’ “ Black Panther .” Bassett, who currently stars in “ American Horror Story ,” will play Ramonda, mother of T’Challa, aka Black Panther. Directed by Ryan Coogler (“Fruitvale Station,” “Creed”), “Black Panther” stars Chadwick Boseman in the title role alongside Michael B. Jordan, Forest Whitaker, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Daniel Kaluuya, Winston Duke , and Florence Kasumba . The film arrives in theaters on February 16, 2018. Please Leave A Comment-

American Horror Story Fan Art Exhibition Photos @AHSFX

Hero Complex Gallery Los Angeles Celebrates the Release of American Horror Story Freak Show with an Exhibition of Fan Art Inspired by the Series! On Friday, October 2, Fox Home Entertainment partnered with Los Angeles-based Hero Complex Gallery to host an immersive, opening night reception for an “American Horror Story” fan art gallery celebrating the Blu-ray and DVD release of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” on October 6. The gallery--which runs through October 18--features more than 100 originals, prints and sculptures from American and international artists, all inspired by all four seasons of the horrifying FX anthology series. See all the images after the Jump... Opening night was attended by more than 200 people, including fans, artists, press, gallery co-founders and AHS cast members Noami Grossman (Pepper - Asylum / Freak Show), Jamie Brewer (Adelaide - Murder House / Nan - Coven / Marjorie - Freak Show) and Liana Mendoza (Officer Albano - Hotel) – who wer


TV Recap: AMERICAN HORROR STORY "BLOOD BATH" By: Suepafly Gloria smokes her cigarette, fearing that she'll lose her precious baby she tells her therapist. Her Dandy was a perfectly cruel aristocratic boy she thought when he tortured and cut Dora's daughter's hair. She didn't think much of it. No didn't have the meaning that it should have as Dandy grew up. No, was a battlecry to him. And when he was told no, he killed the cat. He was rarely out of her sight after that. She did allow him to be socialized with other children, she knew she needed to. He took a liking to the gardener's son, which made her happy until he disappeared never to be seen from again. The Dr. suggests that he see Dandy, but Gloria doesn't think that he'll go for that. He asks if a recent event has caused her sudden anxiety about her son. She says no, but the memories of him killing Dora and being covered in her blood haunt her. The freaks search for Ma Petite. She&#


TV Recap: AMERICAN HORROR STORY FREAK SHOW "PINK CUPCAKES" By: Suepafly We got plenty of backstories with the emergence of Edward Mordrake, but with his freak claimed (goodbye Twisty, scared the crap out of us and you will be missed) Mordrake is gone, and there are still back stories to be had. This week we get some insight into Dell and Desiree, and Dandy continues his dark path with Murder Club. But first, The American Morbidity museum has a night of discovery. Stanley and Maggie are in attendance. Mr. Martow is recognized, though Stanley thinks that he and Maggie should be the ones who are recognized, but they are well paid. The Seal boy is dead and on display. It's a nice fantasy for Stanley, but Maggie points out that they don't have the tanks yet. He has a source for them lined up. The bodies will be stored out of town until they can be sold. Maggie won't be a part of the murder, Stanley will just have to find a way to preserve the bodies, and k


TV Recap: AMERICAN HORROR STORY FREAK SHOW "EDWARD MORDRAKE PT. 2" By: Suepafly The Freak Show remains quiet on Halloween, with Edward Mordrake's eerie green fog accompanies his ghost around as he questions other freaks looking for the one to add to his troupe. So far he has not found the one pure freak to add to his group. He makes them all confess their sin, telling him how they came to be a part of the show. He wants their darkest moments. The woman with no legs stabbed a man she was jealous of, though he had inspired to perform. The microcephalics, Pepper and Salty, dance around innocently, not a care in the world or even notice that Mordrake is watching them. Paul sought solace in the dark, he came during the depression though. People hated his deformity, and he hated them, wanted to make them fear him, so he tattooed his body, but not his handsome face. He could have ruled the world with a different body. None of them are the one he's looking for. Mordrake


TV Recap: AMERICAN HORROR STORY FREAK SHOW "EDWARD MORDRAKE PT 1" By: Suepafly The medical community has always been fascinated by freak shows. At the morbidity museum they not only embrace the differences, but celebrate them. Dr. Sylvestor Mansfield introduces his bright new assistant Maggie Esmerelda. She looks at one specimen in pity. Dr. Mansfield believes that the the specimen was a loser in life, and at least in death they have value. One of his specimens are brought into questions, as are his medical credentials. The curator tells him that they're obviously creative people, and if they bring her some truly authentic specimens then she would happily take them. She use to get calls from actual freak shows when one of their passed, selling the bodies to her museum, but there are few freak shows left in the country. The liver of a pair of conjoined twins alone brought in $5000.00. Mansfield and Esmerelda plot to head to Florida where one of the few freak shows rem


TV Recap: AMERICAN HORROR STORY FREAK SHOW "MASSACRES AND MATINEES" By: Suepafly The sun rises over the quiet freak show. The crew is already sitting at breakfast. Jimmy turns the news on the radio. The town is on lockdown after the recent murders, and kidnapping. Most people are choosing to stay in doors. Even a detective is missing, and the police are out for blood. A pair of detectives arrive with questions. Jimmy sends them to see Elsa. The detectives are free to look around with an escort. Elsa tells them that they can see the monsters if they buy a ticket to the show, but there won’t be a show, they’re about to impose a curfew. Dot and Bette arrive, and the detectives remark about their missing hospital patient, but they were no longer ill, so there was no reason to stay. They had given their statement to the missing detective whom they say reeked of booze, and he concluded that their mother’s death matched the others. Mr. Henley’s shop worker returns, and finds


TV Recap: AMERICAN HORROR STORY FREAKSHOW "MONSTERS AMONG US" By: Suepafly American Horror Story is back with its scariest premise yet. They’re headed to their take on a Freak Show, with a killer clown and all! September 3 changes everything for Dot, as she prepares to enter the gates of hell. Jupiter, Florida 1952 The milk is delivered as usual to a quiet home. The milkman notices that last week’s delivery hasn’t been brought in, the milk sits on the doorstep rotten. The milkman heads into the home, calling for Mrs. Tattler. The house is quiet, there’s a spoiled dinner on the table, and a murdered Mrs. Tattler on the floor. The milkman drops his delivery and goes to check the upstairs with a rolling pin in hand, and makes an unexpected discovery. A woman is rushed into surgery. The sight disgusts a few of the attendants, causing them to toss their cookies. In the X-rays the doctor finds multiple organs and a shared circulatory system. This monsterous creature was