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And The Best Film Score of 2016 Goes To...

It wasn't easy, but we've managed to provide you our top 5 film scores of 2016. Review by Matt Cummings It's not easy to find websites which love soundtrack scores as much as the films themselves, but we at SJF think the entire film must be considered when judging its value. Central to any movie's success is its use of music, and 2016 gifted us with potentially the best year we've ever heard. From television to movies and even video games, we witnessed an onslaught that began in January and didn't let up until 12/31. But as with all things, the bill must come due which means taking a moment to remember the top scores of the year. It wasn't easy, but we've managed to fashion together a list that covers all forms of entertainment, something we frankly couldn't have done in previous years. Our immense thanks goes out to The Krakower Group for securing us with these scores. Without delay, here are our top film scores of 2016: X-Men Apoca

Soundtrack Review: #TheNeonDemon

The Neon Demon - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is twisted, sexual brilliance. Review by Matt Cummings While the 2016 movie season has seen a ton of misses, misfires, and genuine disasters, the same cannot be said for soundtracks. Already, we've witnessed half a dozen memorable contenders, including The Nice Guys , Forza Motorsports 6 , and X-Men: Apocalypse . But with the arrival of The Neon Demon - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack , there's a new top dog, elevated by sexy dance beats and twisted interludes that make it our new favorite of the year. From acclaimed indie director Nicolas Winding Refn, The Neon Demon introduces us to the dark world of fashion modeling. Bright-eyed and busy-tailed Jesse (a very good Elle Fanning) arrives in Los Angeles from Georgia, ready to make the big time. She has only one asset: her incredible natural looks, which quickly gain the attention of the bisexual make-up artist/moonlighting mortician Ruby (an even better Jena