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Soundtrack Review: Mortdecai

A disappointing array of score music profligates an otherwise funny film. Review by Matt Cummings If audiences didn't quite respond to January's comedy caper Mortdecai (ok, they frankly hated it), it might have had something to do with Actor Johnny Depp's "Here we go again" approach to the titular character that kept audiences away. While I loved the film's zaniness, I was wondering whether the soundtrack by Composers Mark Ronson and Geoff Zanelli had anything to do with that experience. After listening to it, I can say an emphatic 'no.' The problem here is that the score is more set-up music and less big riffs that help to identify the actors or push the scene further. Take something like Hong Kong : you must go nearly 3 minutes into the 4:25 track before finding anything remotely like a big theme or a connecting melody. Once you get there, it's all 60's schlock and totally fun, but the wait is almost not worth the time. Jo