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First Thoughts: 'The Muppets'

We pontificate on the return of an American classic to the small screen. Review by Matt Cummings The Muppets have experienced as of late what one might call an identity crisis. Filled with the glory of the 2012 movie , our hearts were nearly broken by the immense critical and financial disappointment of Muppets Most Wanted . It was as if a great sports athlete, bound for certain glory, was suddenly laid up by injury and unavailable to fulfill their destiny. But as in sports, entertainment always seems to get a second chance, and that's exactly what has happened for The Muppets. Ever since we reported on Tuesday that they would be returning to ABC Television in the Fall , our hopes for success have grown with the trailer that was released during the network's Upfront event. If you haven't see it yet, check out the extended trailer and see if your thoughts align with ours: From the getgo, it's clear that the new show has a familiar flavor: zany Muppet ch