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Prey Movie Review 'Breathtaking thrill ride that is ruthless, engaging, & downright AWESOME'

New xXx:The Return Of Xander Cage: Movie Gets it Man.

New xXx:The Return Of Xander Cage: Movie Gets it Man. Do We Really Need another xXx movie, Especially if it is written by the guys who Brought us Terminator Salvation? Looks like Hollywood thinks so. And I am Sure Their are a few Women out that would like to see him reprise this role. Ericson Core has signed to helm " xXx: The Return of Xander Cage ," Columbia's third installment in the action franchise. Neal Moritz and Joe Roth are producing. Vin Diesel is reprising the role of the extreme sports athlete-turned-government operative he originated in the 2002 movie directed by Rob Cohen. Diesel and Cohen skipped the 2005 sequel, "XXX: State of the Union," which starred Ice Cube and was helmed by Lee Tamahori. Last year, Diesel and Cohen agreed to reteam for the new installment, but in June, Cohen segued to helm "Medieval" for Regency. Columbia went on the hunt for a helmer, who also had to get the OK from Diesel. Diesel has worked with Core befor

Will The Movie Surrogates Follow the Graphic Novel?

Will The Movie Surrogates Follow the Graphic Novel? It Looks like that it might not. Jonathan Mostow , director of the upcoming Bruce Willis sci- fi /action film Surrogates , had never heard of the Robert Venditti /Brett Weldele graphic novel on which it's based (and which is actually entitled The Surrogates ), but that didn't stop the director of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines from signing on to the project. "I got involved nearly two years ago, and it began with the graphic novel," Mostow said recently in an exclusive telephone interview. "I just immediately responded to the concept. There's just something incredibly resonant about the idea. It's almost a metaphor for the way we're living our lives right now. It's a story that asks the question 'How do you stay human in this relentlessly, increasingly technological world we live in?' The graphic novel ... may have a different meaning for everybody who reads it, on a specific le