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Apple's "See" Season 2 Teaser Trailer Starring Jason Momoa & Dave Bautista

Soderbergh's 'Knockout' Rounds Out It's Cast

Soderbergh's 'Knockout' Rounds Out It's Cast Steven Soderbergh promised to surround mixed martial artist Gina Carano with strong actors for her feature debut when he first spoke about his revenge spy movie “Knockout,” and he is now delivering the goods. Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor and Michael Douglas are in negotiations to join the cast of the production, which is being financed by Relativity. Dennis Quaid is also in negotiations in join the cast. Written by Lem Dobbs, the story sees a female spy (Carano) working for a Blackwater-style security contractor who is betrayed by one of her teammates. McGregor would play the owner of the company, a one-time confidant of Carano who switches allegiances. Fassbender will play a British agent who teams up with Carano but proves untrustworthy while Douglas will play an American executive of McGregor’s company who works with her to take down the company. The movie is scheduled to go before cameras in February in severa

MMA Fighter Gina Carano to Star In “Knockout”

Gina Carano to Star In “Knockout” first action movie From Steven Soderbergh I would pay good money just to Gina Carano in anything. Coming off her first MMA lost to Cyborg. Seems like she maybe going into a different direction. Once the star of the Hit show American Gladiators , she then made the move to MMA and became a huge success story and now she throws herself her into acting. Which is only fitting. Steven Soderbergh is getting ready to tackle his first action movie. Soderbergh is partnering with Relativity for “Knockout,” a female spy thriller written by Lem Dobbs that will star mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano. Soderbergh will produce the pic with his producing partner Gregory Jacobs along with Relativity’s Ryan Kavanaugh. Relativity's Tucker Tooley will serve as executive producer. Production is slated to begin in February. While plot details are being kept under wraps, the story is described as being in the vein of “The Bourne Identity.” Please Leave A Co