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Apple's "See" Season 2 Teaser Trailer Starring Jason Momoa & Dave Bautista

Conan The Barbarian Broadway Musical

Could A Conan The Barbarian Broadway Musical Be On It's Way? According to our good friend Randy over at TheArnoldFans we just might get our hand on a Conan the Barbarian Broadway show if John Milius has his way. Milius is best known for directing the film Conan and was also instrumental during the start-up of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) organization: it was his idea to use the octagon-shaped cage, and his association with UFC helped provide interest and investors to the start-up UFC. Here is part of the interview that Randy had with the director. While speaking with the great John Milius , director of Conan the Barbarian , for nearly an hour, I learned of many interesting developments for the director/screenwriter including some goods on his new Genghis Khan script, King Conan and other projects. However, one that came as the biggest surprise was that we may someday get a Conan the Barbarian broadway musical! Lookout Spiderman the musical, "Conan the