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TETSUO III: THE BULLET MAN Makes It's Way Into Theaters

IFC MIDNIGHT ANNOUNCES THE NEW RELEASE FROM DIRECTOR SHINYA TSUKAMOTO’S ACCLAIMED TETSUO TRILOGY: TETSUO III: THE BULLET MAN, THE THIRD INSTALLMENT IN THE SERIES AND THE FIRST NEW TETSUO FILM IN NEARLY 20 YEARS. TETSUO III: THE BULLET MAN will be available on demand on January 19th and in select theaters January 21st. TETSUO III: THE BULLET MAN , Tsukamoto’s first English-language film, stars Eric Bossick as Anthony, a young man raising a family in Tokyo. His wife is crippled by anxiety and has recurring nightmares about a horrible fate awaiting the pair’s young son, Tom. Those nightmares turn out to be prophetic when Tom is cruelly run down in the street. Anthony flies into a terrible rage, and soon discovers that the power of his emotion transforms him into a strange, metallic monster. Watch the trailer after the Jump.. IFC Films Official Site : IFC Midnight on Facebook : IFC Midnight on Twitter: @IFCFilms Available nationwide on demand from IFC Midnight, via Com