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Disney To A Make Gargoyles Fim

Disney To Make A Gargoyles Fim And Not The One Your Thinking Of Zoe Green is in final negotiations with the Mouse House to pen a screenplay based on an original idea developed by Lauren Shuler Donner, who will produce the live-action film for Disney. The project is not tied to " Gargoyles ," the popular animated TV series that Disney produced in the 1990s, or a comicbook that was later produced by series creator Greg Weisman. Instead, it centers around a world and mythology of the menacing stone statues that the studio was keen to explore, sources said. Both Disney and Shuler Donner were circling separate gargoyle projects and ultimately paired up and hired Green to tackle an idea hatched with Disney exec LouAnne Brickhouse, who is shepherding the project at the studio. Shuler Donner will produce through the Donners' Co., which she runs with husband Richard Donner. Project would fit in well with the high-profile projects Disney is looking to produce these days -- f