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Arrow/Flash Spinoff News: Atom & Firestorm to Share a Show

CW's superhero success is springing another baby. Story by Matt Cummings It's safe to say that CW's lineup (albeit small) of superhero television shows has been nothing short of an unqualified success. Arrow continues to deliver week after week, while The Flash has exploded in popularity, with quality bad guys, several as-yet-to-be-resolved story arcs, and excellent casting. Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin (Arrow and Flash, respectively) have even teamed up on each other's shows, which garnered some of CW's biggest ratings to date. Well, the network's number of superhero shows on is about to get bigger. Deadline is reporting that we'll soon see a show featuring casts from both shows in the first stand-alone team-up. The names: ATOM and F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. In fact, the CW and Arrow/The Flash co-creator Greg Berlanti are describing and it as “superhero team-up show.” The show will feature familiar names: Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer/The Atom),

CBS Summer Programming Announcement

CBS Says Stay Tuned Story by David Clark CBS tells network viewers this week to prepare for their summer-original programming schedule. The rotation of popular shows that go on winter-break can leave viewers desperate for something new and exciting to watch. As always the latest announcement is a welcome relief this time of year as the major networks prepare to roll out a new season of shows. The news from CBS will help fill that void and create anticipation for upcoming shows that are just around the corner. The lineup includes a couple well known shows in Under The Dome and Extant returning for additional seasons after strong showings last year. The ever popular Big Brother will return for a 17th season. Last but not least the press release announced that the Zoo, a new show based on a James Patterson novel, will join the CBS summer lineup. Under The Dome: Based on a Stephen King novel, Under The Dome follows a town that inexplicably finds itself trapped in

In Memoriam: Leonard Nimoy

His work influenced millions of Science-Fiction fans. Story by Matt Cummings There's few actors that are tied so closely to just one character: Leonard Nimoy was one such phenomenon, forever linked to his role as Mr. Spock on television's Star Trek: The Original Series . Is there a gesture more remembered and used that Nimoy's "Live Long and Prosper?" Not likely. And how about that cool disposition that so many have tried (and frankly failed) to mimic? Nimoy's death on Friday at age 83 wasn't unexpected, as he had been sick for quite some time. But, the outpouring of support in the wake has been nothing but extraordinary. Everyone from Seth MacFarlane, Patrick Stewart, and even Author JK Rowling chimed in today to pay their respects. But when the President of the United States releases a statement saying, "I loved Spock," you know his effect was widespread. When Twitter explodes with Tweets from dozens of other celebrities w


BRUCE LEE ENTERTAINMENT ANNOUNCES BIOPIC OF THE ICONIC ACTION HERO AND MARTIAL ARTIST. Daughter Shannon Lee Teams with Lawrence Grey and Janet Yang to Produce New Feature Film  Shannon Lee, daughter of legendary martial artist Bruce Lee , announced today that his legacy will be brought to the screen in a new feature film, the first to be made with his family’s full involvement in the production. Lee’s company Bruce Lee Entertainment has partnered with Lawrence Grey and Janet Yang to produce a definitive biopic of the iconic Hollywood and Chinese star. “There have been projects out there involving my father, but they’ve lacked a complete understanding of his philosophies and artistry. They haven’t captured the essence of his beliefs in martial arts or storytelling. The only way to get audiences to understand the depth and uniqueness of my father is to generate our own material and find amazing, like-minded partners to work with,” said Lee. Bruce Lee’s classic films shattered r

LITTLE BOY Official Poster

The official poster for the upcoming film LITTLE BOY has been released! In theaters on April 24, 2015, this heartwarming and inspirational story follows a 7-year old boy who is willing to do whatever it takes to end World War II to bring his father home. LITTLE BOY is a moviegoing experience for all ages, sure to lift your spirits and show you that with faith, hope and love anything is possible! LITTLE BOY is a powerful and moving film about a little boy who is willing to do whatever it takes to bring his dad home from World War II alive. The heartwarming story will capture your heart and lift your spirits as it reveals the indescribable love a little boy has for his father and the love a father has for his son. Set in the 1940s, LITTLE BOY is an instant cinematic classic that captures the wonder of life through the eyes of a 7- year-old little boy. Written and directed by Smithsonian Institute Award winning director Alejandro Monteverde, LITTLE BOY highlights themes of faith,

Arnold Schwarzenegger "I'll Be Back" For The 6th Terminator Film

Arnold Schwarzenegger "I'll Be Back" According to our friends over at The Arnold Fans , Schwarzenegger will be back for the sixth Terminator film, slated for a 2017 release. TERMINATOR GENISYS stars Arnold Schwarzenegger (“THE EXPENDABLES 1 & 2,” “TERMINATOR 1, 2 & 3”), Jason Clarke (“THE GREAT GATSBY,” “ZERO DARK THIRTY”), Emilia Clarke (“Game of Thrones”), Jai Courtney (“DIVERGENT,” “JACK REACHER”), J.K. Simmons (“MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN,” “UP IN THE AIR”), Dayo Okeniyi (“THE HUNGER GAMES,” “THE SPECTACULAR NOW”), and Byung Hun Lee (“RED 2,” “G.I. JOE: RETALIATION”). The new film is written by Laeta Kalogridis (“AVATAR,” “SHUTTER ISLAND”) and Patrick Lussier (“DRIVE ANGRY”). David Ellison and Dana Goldberg (“WORLD WAR Z,” “STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS”) of Skydance Productions are producing. Executive producers are Skydance’s Paul Schwake (“WORLD WAR Z,” “STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS”), Annapurna Pictures’ Megan Ellison (“AMERICAN HUSTLE,” “HER”), Kalogridis and

#CYMBELINE Official Trailer Starring #ETHANHAWKE & #DAKOTAJOHNSON On VOD March 13th

ETHAN HAWKE, ED HARRIS, MILLA JOVOVICH, JOHN LEGUIZAMO, PENN BADGLEY and DAKOTA JOHNSON Star in CYMBELINE . In Theaters and On Demand March 13 Academy Award® nominees Ethan Hawke (Best Supporting Actor, Boyhood, 2014) and Ed Harris (Best Actor, Pollock, 2000) lead a powerhouse cast including Milla Jovovich, John Leguizamo, Penn Badgley, Dakota Johnson and Anton Yelchin, with Bill Pullman and Delroy Lindo in a gritty story of a take-no-prisoners war between dirty cops and an outlaw biker gang. When extortion, betrayal, and fiery passions threaten his criminal empire, a drug kingpin (Harris) is driven to desperate measures in this explosive, modern retelling of Shakespeare's timeless Please Leave A Comment-

Harrison Ford Running Back to Blade Runner

Actor set to revisit Rick Deckard. By Brandon Wolfe Harrison Ford will continue his ongoing franchise reunion tour as Alcon Entertainment has announced today that the actor is officially set to reprise his role of Rick Deckard in the sequel to 1982’s landmark sci-fi noir Blade Runner . Academy Award nominee Denis Villeneuve, the director of Prisoners , is in talks to helm the film, which is slated to begin shooting in Summer 2016. Hampton Fancher, who co-wrote the original, has written the script for the new film along with Michael Green, based upon a concept originated by Fancher and the original film’s director, Ridley Scott. The story will take place several decades after the events of the original film. “We are honored that Harrison is joining us on this journey with Denis Villeneuve who is a singular talent, as we experienced personally on Prisoners,” said Alcon co-founders and co-CEO’s Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove, “Hampton and Michael, with Ridley Scott, have cr

DVD Review: Dumb and Dumber To

Bring Harry and Lloyd home. Review by Brandon Wolfe Comedy sequels are a juice rarely worth the squeeze. You could count on one hand the number of comedic sequels that have matched or surpassed their predecessors with fingers left to spare. For whatever reason, recreating the unique magic of a successful comedy has proven historically difficult for Hollywood. At their worst, such sequels are carbon-copied exercises in laziness like the Hangover sequels, limply retracing the steps of what worked in the original film to vastly diminished success. Generally the best one can hope for from a comedy sequel is something like 22 Jump Street , which lacks the freshness and inspiration of the first film, but has just enough energy and new jokes to at least justify its existence. Given the disappointment-strewn battlefield of comedy sequelization, there was every reason in the world to be wary of, if not outright terrified by, the prospect of Dumb and Dumber To . After all, this isn’t j

Movie Review: The Lazarus Effect

Check do-not-resuscitate on derivative horror. Review by Brandon Wolfe “Sometimes dead is better,” gravely intoned old Jud Crandall in Pet Sematary , but characters in horror movies (including Jud’s own) never heed that warning. Playing God is too irresistible a prospect, especially when a loved one falls. No, to horror movie characters, dead is worse, until they discover, as they inevitably do, that there’s always something worse than death. Something beyond death. Something beyond human comprehension. Then the realization hits, always far too late, that dead? Sometimes better. This is the object lesson learned the hard way by the university-based researchers in The Lazarus Effect . Engaged scientists Frank and Zoe (Mark Duplass and Olivia Wilde) have been developing a serum designed to temporarily revive flatlining patients in order to extend the window of opportunity for a surgeon to save them. Aided by lab assistants Niko ( Community ’s Donald Glover) and Clay (Evan Peters

Movie Review: Focus

The caper drama Focus has a lot going for it, but gets its pockets picked in a few key areas. Review by Matt Cummings It doesn't happen too often that an actor can get completely knocked down by one role, but for Will Smith that was After Earth . It was not only one of the worst films of 2013, but an embarrassing trainwreck that saw Smith lose nearly all of his credibility and charm. It's taken awhile to get that back, an Focus helps a lot, even though it suffers in a couple of key areas. When a one-night stand between Nicky Spurgeon (Smith) and Jess (Margo Robbie) leads to trouble with Jess' husband, it looks like Nicky will have to pay big time to make the problem go away. What Jess doesn't know is that Nicky is a smooth operator and con himself, swindling money left and right including her rings, wallet, and sunglasses from her before she even realizes it. The two decide to join forces during a football championship game in New Orleans, pick-pocketin

WELCOME TO ME Official Trailer

What happens when a young woman with Borderline Personality Disorder wins the lottery? In the case of Alice Klieg ( Kristen Wiig ), she quits her psychiatric meds and buys her own talk show. Inspired by the immortal Oprah, she broadcasts her dirty laundry as both a form of exhibitionism and a platform to share her peculiar views on everything from nutrition to relationships to neutering pets. Also starring Wes Bentley, James Marsden, Tim Robbins, Joan Cusack, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Linda Cardellini. Please Leave A Comment-

RAIDERS! New Trailer For The Story Of The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made

"RAIDERS!" THE STORY OF THE GREATEST FAN FILM EVER MADE TO HAVE ITS WORLD PREMIERE AT SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST FILM FESTIVAL Raiders! , a documentary of the story behind the greatest fan film ever made, is set to have its world premiere at SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX on March 14, 2015. Raiders! chronicles the epic thirty year journey that began in 1982 when two twelve-year-old kids in Mississipi set out to film a mind-bogglingly ambitious shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It took Eric Zala and Chris Strompolos seven summers to make Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation. By saving up their allowances, hijacking younger siblings, and setting Eric's basement on fire, the boys used astonishing ingenuity to make a film that is surprisingly entertaining and even stunning at times. For fifteen years, Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation was nearly a forgotten masterpiece of fan filmmaking until Aint It Cool News' Harry Knowles screened it publ

*UPDATED* Neill Blomkamp's Alien Sequel to Ignore Alien³ and Alien Resurrection

New film aims to be The Real Alien 3. By Brandon Wolfe After a week of rampant speculation, director Neill Blomkamp, doing a press tour for his upcoming film Chappie , has confirmed that his recently announced Alien sequel will indeed deal with problematic previous installments Alien³ and Alien Resurrection by simply blinking them out of existence, much like Halloween: H20 and Superman Returns did with the preceding sequels they didn’t like. “I want this film to feel like it is literally the genetic sibling of Aliens , so it’s Alien, Aliens , this movie,” said Blomkamp. “It’s a Freudian kind of nightmare. That element to me is what is so appealing, to try to put the audience on the edge of their seat the whole time in a traditional ‘monster stalking you/dark corridor’ way. And then when you mix in the life cycle and the design elements of the Alien, it’s just a powder-keg of creativity to me.” Blomkamp further confirmed to The Guardian that he would “categorically”

Watch The CHAPPIE CHALLENGE This Sunday On @Twitch

Top Gamers to Take on Chappie in Twitch and Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Live “ Chappie Challenge” Event Chappie , the first movie character to play live on Twitch, challenges gamers to take him on in 2K and Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve with a $15,000 prize pool Finals Event to Stream Live on Twitch on March 1 at 3pm PST Twitch, the leading social video platform for gamers, and Sony Pictures Entertainment has attracted an impressive number of Evolve gamers for The Chappie Challenge, a one-of-a-kind event. This program will mark the first time that human gamers can play against a movie character, as players compete in 2K and Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve against Chappie, the star of Sony Pictures Entertainment and MRC’s Chappie, in theaters March 6. Evolve is a highly strategic experience in which a team of four human players fights a fifth, playing as a Monster. In the Chappie Challenge, a team of human gamers will have the chance to square off against Chappie on Twitch.

WWE LAUNCHES #STARS4HOPE TO BENEFIT @SpecialOlympics & @StanfordChild

WWE® LAUNCHES CAMPAIGN TO BENEFIT SPECIAL OLYMPICS INTERNATIONAL AND LUCILE PACKARD CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL STANFORD WWE (NYSE: WWE) today announced the launch of Superstars for Hope , a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo , the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, to benefit Special Olympics and Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford in honor of Connor’s Cure. The announcement was made exclusively on Twitter by WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan and WWE Superstar John Cena. To kick off Superstars for Hope, WWE and the San Francisco 49ers Foundation have each donated $25,000, the first in a series of community outreach initiatives in celebration of WrestleMania 31 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara on Sunday, March 29. Beginning today, supporters can donate at and receive unique WWE merchandise, autographs, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences from WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends. Each week, WWE will add new exclus

#SPECTRE Second Vlog & First Image Of Dave Bautista

Here is the second vlog and new images from the set of SPECTRE . Focusing on director Sam Mendes, the behind the scenes footage features Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 as well as cast members Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris , and Ben Whishaw . Watch the video after the Jump... Director, Sam Mendes says, "The reasons I’m doing the second Bond movie are the reasons I would do any movie, really, which is all to do with the story. And in this movie, ‘Spectre,’ what you have is a movie entirely driven by Bond. He is on a mission from the very beginning.” Additionally, “It’s about whether or not to pursue the life he’s always pursued, whether he matters and is he going to continue or not. And you’re going to have to come to see the movie to find out whether he does.” A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the

What's Behind 2015's Early Strong Box Office?

The reasons for success could change the way movies are made, marketed, and released. Story by Matt Cummings With January and February box office typically representing a rough couple of months for Hollywood, it comes as a surprise that 2015 has been one of the most robust in years. With receipts up 10% from the same period one year ago, theater owners are selling more popcorn and not having to shut down entire wings of their buildings due to the lack of traffic. The reason - or reasons - are simple: American Sniper and Fifty Shades of Grey . These two titans have pushed ticket sales and general admission numbers to points that we typically don't see until April - that's when tentpoles and more lucrative productions begin to arrive, ushering in the wave of Summer blockbusters. Sniper has made $307.7 million since its opening in January, while Grey became the biggest debut for a movie in February history when it bent over a four-day total of $93 million. B